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Trip To The Copper Mine

A fascinating day for me.
I had a load of pipe and fittings for a copper mine up in the mountains near Miami, AZ.

I have viewed the vast expanses of copper mines that they are from "scenic viewpoints", I have never been IN a copper mine.

Well, today, I definitely went in.

First was the guardhouse.  Back your truck up and park over there.  I hand the man the information to call the person who is supposed to come and guide me in there.  He says he'll call the man "after you park over there", as if, for someone reason, I wouldn't do so. 

I then just wait in the truck.  I have had plenty of experience with guard shack guards - they want you to do things their way or they are simply going to make life miserable.  I waited about 15 minutes - they fnally come out and wave me in.

I only go into all of this because of the rather massive amount of paperwork I had to read and sign before going in there.  1st document was a rather lengthy disclaimer - you are going in…



Come into work with trepidation: will the run to Miami still be in the system?

Things almost always change overnight/over the weekend. Yes, it's still there! Plus a trip to Coolidge thrown in there, good luck with that. Apparently the salesman forgot to put that in there on the run to Coolidge on Friday.......

Okay, I like going out of town on road trips, especially when the company is paying for it and even more so in the semi. Don't ask why, I just love it.

The high yesterday was in the 90's. The electric use reflected that: $10 day versus up to $20 less than a month ago. Still have to run the AC to get the humidity out of the air and yes, 90's is still a bit too warm to say goodbye to AC.

Today's high slated at 98. Then back up in the 100's for the rest of the week - BUT - less than 110. That will also help keep cooling costs down. These overcast skies for the last week or however long have been fabulous. Pond digging has gotten a lot further simply f…