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Well, somehow I totally forgot to do anything with entries yesterday.

Umm, take that back: after getting done with that ordeal yesterday morning and feeling sick for the rest of the day from heat exhaustion (I'm guessing, anyway), that's what messed me up.

It was a large return, it was very hot and humid outside, I worked nonstop sweating like a pig and - well it just took it's toll on me. I'm not a 20-something anymore. I was drinking a lot of water but I still ended up with a "heat headache" is what I call them and once I get one, it can take the rest of the day and a good night's sleep to get beyond it.

Today was slated for an even LARGER return. Fortunately, it has been put off until tomorrow as I am still not feeling quite right from yesterday's event in a pool of hellish heat.

My dad sent me another letter yesterday - he has been helping me out with a tidy sum of money every month to help me through this financial chaos and the money has been MU…


So, I'm reading the news. A crock of S***, most of the stuff going on, especially these ethics charges against 2 democrats in "high profile" cases, they're calling it. Pelosi takes the stand that it doesn't matter, look what the Republicans did.

I see, so because the Republicans did similar type of things, that therefore excuses Democrats for doing the same types of thing? This is why I am not in love with either party - they take rsponsibility for nothing, shift blame, point fingers, do whatever to keep the limelight off of them - excepting when they have won some sort of victory, then their faces are plastered all over the place with their pathetic voices squeaking out their BS. They can ALL go bug off.

The tragedy, however, this morning with 3 teenaged brothers from one family and a sister and 2 teenaged brothers from another - drowning in a river.......leaves me scratching my head.

I'm just curious how you can go through life without even learning how to…