Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Well, somehow I totally forgot to do anything with entries yesterday.

Umm, take that back: after getting done with that ordeal yesterday morning and feeling sick for the rest of the day from heat exhaustion (I'm guessing, anyway), that's what messed me up.

It was a large return, it was very hot and humid outside, I worked nonstop sweating like a pig and - well it just took it's toll on me. I'm not a 20-something anymore. I was drinking a lot of water but I still ended up with a "heat headache" is what I call them and once I get one, it can take the rest of the day and a good night's sleep to get beyond it.

Today was slated for an even LARGER return. Fortunately, it has been put off until tomorrow as I am still not feeling quite right from yesterday's event in a pool of hellish heat.

My dad sent me another letter yesterday - he has been helping me out with a tidy sum of money every month to help me through this financial chaos and the money has been MUCH appreciated. He wants me to come down for another Thanksgiving visit. Last year, mother graciously made Thanksgiving plans around my plan to visit dad - I hadn't seen him in a long time and I hadn't visited him on a holiday in - I don't even remember how long ago - it was definitely time. The problem is his wife's families are going to be there again and frankly, it was very uncomfortable around those people last year. When you're around a man that is so full of himself that he wants to do all the talking and listen to nothing anyone else has to say, well, I really am not into that at all. In fact, people like that REALLY turn me off, having to sit there and listen to it for hours on end is ridiculous. If it goes on long enough, I start to get mad. I know, I can be juvenile at times, but I don't WANT to be subjected to another person's BS for THAT length of time.

I'm gonna have to think about that one, that's all I can say about it. I think I would rather spend a few days at Christmas instead.

Meanwhile, the vacation, unemployed, behind on rent tenant is still gone. I was going to write up a 5-day notice the other day here, but I forgot and got busy with work. I was going to write one up at home, but my printer is out of ink and I'm not sure that buying ink is of such great importance right now, especially considering I can print stuff at work for free.

If I am facing another $500 month for electicity - which I SINCERELY hope I am not - money will be tight yet again. Especially if this woman doesn't pay up, I have to get rid of her and lose that money I would otherwise have had with a paying tenant.

Pond work has come to a standstill and may not be taken up again until this weekend. Just don't have it in me to do all this stuff at work and then come home and start digging away as if I'm a 5 year old with limitless energy. I have plenty of energy, yes, but when the sun is helping zap it out of me, that makes things a bit different.
2 days in a row now my weight on the scale has shown 194! I've been coming in here - work that is - and seeing it all over the place. 198,195, 196, but NOT 194 - at all. I ate a foot long subway sandwich yesterday with all the veggies, mustard and vinegar - no cheese, no mayo, no creamy dressings. I got home and ate 2 hamburger patties. Patties only, nothing else on them. I then consumed - because I was still hungry and it was early - a 280 calorie diet dinner thing. Whatever it is, it's those frozen dinners that are supposed to be good for people on diets. They are low in fat but I forgot to look at sodium content. Usually it's higher in sodium content which is also a dieter's enemy. Still, just the fact that the weight is down a little more is very encouraging.

My goal is the low 180's, but I'd take 185 and be happy with it - I'm 6'2" which makes 185 a good weight range for my size.

Again, when dieting and especially when on one for so long, the temptations come from all sides. Donuts here, ice cream there - anything you want is right in your face. At other times, of course, that stuff is nowhere to be seen.

The news.

I always love the news in the morning.

Apparently ANOTHER kid is lost in the woods and has been since Monday night. What is with all these kids disappearing in the woods? Is there some sicko or sickos out there looking for young boys to take advantage of? I don't quite understand why I'm seeing so much of this in the news, I do hope they find the kid alive and in good condition.

Apparently the mud being pumped down the well on the BP disaster is working. Calling it in "static condition". Well, whatever they want to call it, get the damned thing plugged permanently and then they better not start disappearing JUST when the REAL cleanup efforts should be getting started - after the well is permanently closed.

Certainly, they must have a blueprint of sorts at this point to be able to deal with any future s*** like this that may occur without it having to take MONTHS to figure out how to stop it.

So, Missouri is setting it's own tone and voted - by 71% - to reject federally mandated health care. I'm on that boat, I've been on it since this government controlled healthcare crap came to the surface. It seems states are taking their own stances against things that this out-of-control Obama administration is trying to shove down all of our throats - Virginia being another. Fun to watch all of this, the democratic process might actually work in November!

A congressman is advocating to kill the person that leaked the information to Wikileaks if he is found guilty. There is substantial room here to create a stance that the man committed treason. It IS the law of our land. Dunno about that one, another watch as it plays out situation.

White House: Afghan war is not lost. Well, it isn't won, either, and I don't see it EVER getting won, meanwhile our boys and gals are getting killed over there on a daily basis.......forrrrrrrr.....what? I'm all for getting the bleep out of there, it's never going to change, there is no point in us trying to change people that have lived they they are for centuries.

They wanna kill each other, let them have at it, why should we interfere?

That's it, cause' time is up, I'm outta here.

For those that don't know, I'm writing my morning entries on a previous day's comments section because I can no longer access my account at work.

No biggies.




So, I'm reading the news. A crock of S***, most of the stuff going on, especially these ethics charges against 2 democrats in "high profile" cases, they're calling it. Pelosi takes the stand that it doesn't matter, look what the Republicans did.

I see, so because the Republicans did similar type of things, that therefore excuses Democrats for doing the same types of thing? This is why I am not in love with either party - they take rsponsibility for nothing, shift blame, point fingers, do whatever to keep the limelight off of them - excepting when they have won some sort of victory, then their faces are plastered all over the place with their pathetic voices squeaking out their BS. They can ALL go bug off.

The tragedy, however, this morning with 3 teenaged brothers from one family and a sister and 2 teenaged brothers from another - drowning in a river.......leaves me scratching my head.

I'm just curious how you can go through life without even learning how to swim? Further, if you don't know how to swim, why would you be playing in a river? I first started reading the story thinking that river must have some swift, powerful undercurrents to be able to pull under and kill 6 teenagers, but getting further into the story, it was proclaimed that none of them knew how to swim. I can't imagine the grief those parents must be going through right now. Losing one child is too much, losing 3 in the same day?

There's some really strange stuff going on in this world - I am not going to comment on everything I have seen in the news this morning, there is too much of it.

Unfortunately, the only thing in our truck routing system today is a return - and from what I am hearing, it is a large return. Another return at another contractor tomorrow. Not a fan of returns, burning up in the sun is not my idea of fun while doing this stuff. I will, undoubtedly, be getting off early today since I went 2 hours over yesterday on that trip to that mine. Another trip to that mine tomorrow. We didn't have some of the materials and they want it delivered. I suppose the bigger bummer of the deal is that it will be in a pickup truck, not the semi.

Anyway, work day approaches and I have a few more things I wanna look at online before signing in.



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