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Sky to the west is dark, sky to the east?  The sun is shining.  I'm hoping the dark comes over and dumps rain all over my property so I don't have to water my plants. 

A few thoughts.  Everyone thinks Kagan is the "best" option for the Supreme Court.  Just wait and mark my words: this woman is a clusterf*** waiting to happen.  You are going to hear about bizarre stuff going on with the U.S. Supreme Court after this woman starts trying her stuff.

BP wants to drill in the same well again.  They're going to drill somewhere, anyway, I have nothing against it.  From my perspective, they have a clue now how to fix something like this disaster.  They should have several of those caps built and nearby in case something like this ever happens again.  They will be prepared for a disaster now, as, obviously, in the past they weren't ready for anything.  Definitely believe stringent regulations should be imposed  upon that industry since, just as obviously and after rea…


The now-unemployed tenant finally showed up last night - well after I went to bed of course. She obviously doesn't want to face me - she owes me money. Not a LOT, but enough. She stuffed $30 in an envelope, wrote a note saying she would be spending today trying to find a new job.

She SHOULD have been doing that since the day she got fired. I had NO idea she was going to be gone this long, I figured if she skipped a weekend for a free vacation, no big deal, she's been gone almost an entire week.

Do you ever see people walking through the grocery store with one or even two carts just STUFFED with all kinds of food? You're looking at 2 or 3 hundred worth of food, at least. I'm always curious how these people are going to pay for that stuff, and sure enough, 99% of the time, a Qwest card comes out. That's the modern-day way to use food stamps, like a debit card, it swipes through the reader and automatically deducts that much from your account.

I'm not necessarily …