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Quiet morning.  Michael went to a friend's house and Caleb is sleeping.
Caleb is going to be in for an interesting year in attempting to juggle working; going to school and JROTC.  It will be a good experfience for him.  He is saving most of his money and I still have yet to get him over to a bank and get an account started for him.  I don't know how that works anymore for a minor and having a bank account.  I assume he can get  a savings account with a card to be able to withdraw money?  No idea, but I will be looking online today to see what is available. 

Forgot to add that school starts Monday. 

Today's agenda has already been started.   Clean the high traffic carpet areas.  In fact, I'm almost done with that and it's not even 8:30am : )

Clean house.  Well, someone FINALLY cleaned the main bathroom (other than the normal person that does it, who would be me) so I don't need to do anything in there and I made Michael clean the living room yesterday which l…