Sunday, August 8, 2010


Quiet morning.  Michael went to a friend's house and Caleb is sleeping.
Caleb is going to be in for an interesting year in attempting to juggle working; going to school and JROTC.  It will be a good experfience for him.  He is saving most of his money and I still have yet to get him over to a bank and get an account started for him.  I don't know how that works anymore for a minor and having a bank account.  I assume he can get  a savings account with a card to be able to withdraw money?  No idea, but I will be looking online today to see what is available. 

Forgot to add that school starts Monday. 

Today's agenda has already been started.   Clean the high traffic carpet areas.  In fact, I'm almost done with that and it's not even 8:30am : )

Clean house.  Well, someone FINALLY cleaned the main bathroom (other than the normal person that does it, who would be me) so I don't need to do anything in there and I made Michael clean the living room yesterday which leaves only to sweep and mop the kitchen floor and clean my bathroom.

So, as far as house cleaning duties, not really a lot I have to do.

As for outside stuff, yesterday I just sprayed and sprayed the Dawn dishwashing liquid mixture on the plants that have those white flies.  Those little buggers are hard to get rid of.  I want them gone.  I will be out there again today, spraying it again, letting it dry, spray it until I don't see any of them.  Actually, I think I just about got all of them yesterday.  The remaining problem out there are ants.  Thousands of them - at least.  My property is infested with them.  The problem is, they aren't housing themselves on my property, they have their ant hills in the neighbor's s*** filled property behind me.  Regardless, I am going to go get ant killer today and spray the fence area where they're coming through and follow their trail on my property and kill as many of them as I can.  There is no-one ligving on that property, there isn't even aq house, I amy jump the fence and get the ant hills. 

If you can't tell, I am taking a break from pond digging activities.  It has been hot andmuggy outside and I just haven't felt like it.  I have a lot of dirt to haul.  I will probably do a little today on it since I will be out there anyway.  I have also been trimming back shrubs and trees.  That is an on-going process. 

Meanwhile, Juice - one of the black brothers that is always coming over here and I do mean always - gets out of Juvenile Detention today.  This time he has been in there for 17 days.  Second round for him.  Everyone is making fun of him because he brought it upon himself.  The first time was for attempting to shoplift, the second was for crashing into a UPS van while riding a mini-bike on the street.  He seriously injured himself, indeed.  But, the payment in pain for several weeks wasn't enough to swsay the judge for time in pain spent, Juice definitely does not like Juvi and I am thinking maybe this time he will attempt to keep his nose clean and stay out of trouble.  The funniest part is that he spent the last days of his summer break from school in Juvi, as he comes home today and then goes to school tomorrow.  Undoubtedly, he will be coming over here sometime this afternoon which is when I will gived him no small amount of hard time for getting himself into trouble again.

Dinner. What's for dinner?  I'm thinking something with chicken.  Dunno yet.  Probably thinking about this early cause' I am quite hungry right now.  A bit of left over from last night will do the trick for now.



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