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I couldn't find malware in the directory and files on my computer if you paid me to.  That's why I have Avast, to see that stuff before it installs itself on my computer and remove the threat.

Well, my computer has been running extremely slow lately.  I don't just mean on the internet, I mean doing anything on the puter'.  Which had me suspicious - I know how to clean everything up to make it run faster.

Today, Avast took over my computer, put a screen the size of the monitor screen up telling me that there are "suspcious files" on your computer and that we "think these may be malware" and asking for permission for their techs to take a look.  There were at least 50 files and they all had the same beginning letters and numbers.

I clicked okay, Avast sent them into cyberspace and immediately, my computer started running like a lightning strike.

How long will it last?  I'm guessing not long.  It seems you don't have to do much to get malware …

Juice shows up late yesterday afternoon, happy go lucky, as if nothing had ever happened. Apparently, he wanted to put that little deal of spending 17 days in Juvi out of mind. I did not let it go that easily, but, I didn't rub it in too much, he's an alright kid with very little parental guidance and even less male role figures in his life. In fact, there are none that I know of.

Sometimes their (the black brothers) grandmother calls over an uncle so that they can have a "talking to", but the effect of it is negligible. I do believe a person has to be a daily part of another person's life to really have any kind of serious impact. Now that I think about it, I am the biggest male role model in any of those boy's lives excepting, perhaps, school teachers and coaches.

Well that's an interesting thought.

School starts today. Which is quite wonderful, really. Food bill will decrease by at least 10% if not more without kids being around all day long ea…