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I'm simply not going to allow the anonymous commenter to continue on with the BS on my blog.  I had allowed anonymous commenting for the ease of commenting if you came here without being signed in and didn't want to have to - leave your comment and hopefully at least identify who you are at the end of the comment.

I have had a regular coming here leaving anonymous, derogatory, sometimes inflammatory and generally unpleasant comments here and there for some time now.

Not anymore.  I changed the setting AND deleted the ridiculous comment left today.  If you want to comment here now?  You're going to have to be signed in at the very least.  Trust me, if you leave some S***** comment on my journal, I will be happy to come to YOUR journal and leave the same kind of crap.  It gets old the people on the internet who think because you are not sitting together in the same room, you therefore can say whatever comes to mind on someone else's forum to the point of juvenile, childish, irrational and stupid behavior meted out through your words.  I have dealt with this on trucking boards for years and years, and other kinds of boards as well, I REFUSE to have to put up with that junk on MY blog.

You could have had the courage of your flapping mouth to simply identify yourself.  Hiding makes you a very small person, indeed.  Do you have the same issues in real life, in person with people?  All these thoughts running through your head but, you don't have the courage ot speak it to them openly, no, instead, you lurk around people's internet blogs and mouth off, vomiting your bile all over the person's blog because - there is no way to identify you.

Well, I am telling you now to go piss off, whoever you are.  Take your shitty attitude somewhere else, I have had enough of it.  I had thought to report you to Blogger, but instead decided that you can come on here now and identify yourself, cause' you'll have to unless you are going to start a Blogger account just for the purpose of shitting on other's blog and STILL not being able to be identified.  I will be happy to come to your blog and give you stupid, relentless, childish remarks.  Or not and probably (but not definitely) not.  BTW, just because I can't identify you doesn't mean Blogger can't.  Undoubtedly, the have your IP address and can trace your actions anywhere on the Blogger site. 

Unbelievable.  Really, it is.  Have you nothing better to do with your life and your time than lurking on other people's blogs, giving them shit for no good reason? So you may not agree with me, heck, you may even hate me! GREAT, how many Blogger blogs are there? Millions? I'm sure in that managerie of blogs, you'll find SOMEONE you agree with somewhere.  Somehow, though, I don't believe that you would want to do that.  No, instead, I believe you take great pleasure in speaking what you have spoken here.  I have 2 people in mind that I know would do that, but I have no proof, so I'll zip it on who my suspicions rest upon. 

Regardless, anonymous posting is off - for now anyway.




War is coming. I don't mean an Iraqi war, or even an Afghanistan war - but, the Bible does say that wars and rumors of war will always be around.

Alright, it's probably, mostly rhetoric.

Iran claims it is digging mass graves for U.S. Soldiers as, they claim, if there is a strike against Iran, they are going to hit whatever military bases are in the region, which, apparently, there is one that isn't too terribly far away.

The same as North Korea threatening "Sacred War" when the joint forces of the U.S. and South Korea were doing military exercises in the East Sea. I mean, really, if Iran was really digging out mass graves - which would be a pathetic waste of time IMO - why not show the pics of the excavation equipment that is being used to dig them?

In such an operation, you would have a giant trackhoe (excavator) with a giant loader. Trackoe digs up the ground, loader scoops it up as it is dumped into a pile next to the trackhoe's operations and hauls it off. It either builds a mountain somewhere nearby or is dumping the dirt into waiting dumptrucks.

I see these operations at construction sites every single day. However, none of those sites that I have seen are mass graves being dug out.

The fact of the matter is, if we did a pre-emptive strike, I doubt that strike would be aimed at any civilian population. It would, rather, be done by air and would strike the facilities that are allegedly being used to potentially develop nuclear war heads.

The only graves they would need are the ones for whoever might be AT the facilities that are being targeted. Iran has already noted in several different statements over the years that the U.S. and Israel should be annihilated. This is nothing new coming from them.

North Korea, meanwhile, shoots off 110 rounds as some sort of "deterrent" or agressor against South Korea. South Korea is starting to sound like a broken record: there will be serious reprisals if they do it again. They obviously don't want war or it would already be well underway with the sinking of one of ttheir subs by NK. I don't blame them for not wanting war, but where is the line drawn? How much more does NK have to do before they say enough is enough? NK apparently DOES want war, but at the same time, they want to be able to say that SK and the U.S. started it against them so that they can look good, especially to China, instead of looking like the extreme aggressor they really are.

August 10, 2010 6:00 AM

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Anyway, I copied and pasted the last half of this entry and then - forgot and copied and pasted something else for work. So, the last portion of this entry is gone - forever. No biggies and.......have a great day!


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