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I'm simply not going to allow the anonymous commenter to continue on with the BS on my blog.  I had allowed anonymous commenting for the ease of commenting if you came here without being signed in and didn't want to have to - leave your comment and hopefully at least identify who you are at the end of the comment.

I have had a regular coming here leaving anonymous, derogatory, sometimes inflammatory and generally unpleasant comments here and there for some time now.

Not anymore.  I changed the setting AND deleted the ridiculous comment left today.  If you want to comment here now?  You're going to have to be signed in at the very least.  Trust me, if you leave some S***** comment on my journal, I will be happy to come to YOUR journal and leave the same kind of crap.  It gets old the people on the internet who think because you are not sitting together in the same room, you therefore can say whatever comes to mind on someone else's forum to the point of juvenile, childi…



War is coming. I don't mean an Iraqi war, or even an Afghanistan war - but, the Bible does say that wars and rumors of war will always be around.

Alright, it's probably, mostly rhetoric.

Iran claims it is digging mass graves for U.S. Soldiers as, they claim, if there is a strike against Iran, they are going to hit whatever military bases are in the region, which, apparently, there is one that isn't too terribly far away.

The same as North Korea threatening "Sacred War" when the joint forces of the U.S. and South Korea were doing military exercises in the East Sea. I mean, really, if Iran was really digging out mass graves - which would be a pathetic waste of time IMO - why not show the pics of the excavation equipment that is being used to dig them?

In such an operation, you would have a giant trackhoe (excavator) with a giant loader. Trackoe digs up the ground, loader scoops it up as it is dumped into a pile next to the trackhoe's operations and hau…