Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Food Stamps

So, they raided the Food Stamp fund to pay for the teachers. 

Out of control government.  November won't get here soon enough.   I am not a fan of abusers of food stamps, but I am hardly totally against having them for the situations that warrant them.  The raid, however, doesn't go into effect until 2014. 

That gives time to fix all of this.  However, Obamacare, as some unaffectionately are calling it, needs to go first. 

The stuff is getting maddening.  I am not going to go into my perspective of how things are going to eventually turn out if we continue on this path, but look at England. 

A few weeks ago, I drove the semi down into a huge mine.  Tomorrow, I get to drive into yet another mine!  And this one is MUCH older than the one I went into the other day, meaning it is undoubtedly even far deeper and vast than the first.  Well, as long as the roads are safe.

I have come to find out that mining operations have extensive safety operations going that MUST be adhered to by anyone that is on the property, anywhere on the property.  The potential for significant or fatal injury in such places is great.  HEAVY equipment moving all over the place.  I don't mean pickup trucks, we're talking dump trucks big enough to hold a used car lot's worth of cars in them. 

The hazards of the place, however, don't phase me.  The mine I'm going into?  No clue.  The last one had me reading and signing fully 4 different documents.  I have heard that some of these mines actually have you watch a video before you can go in.  It's all good.  I have no problem with it. I don't want to get killed in there and I don't want to see anyone else getting killed in those places, either.  All I know is, not everyone gets to go into a huge mining operation, drive a semi truck to the bottom of it and get to take it all in.

Perhaps that doesn't appeal to everyone, either.  I get to do something that most people - don't.  But it's more than that for me.  I am always fascinated by most things new to me.  Things that I have read about, seen pictures of, but have not personally experienced.  I ask questions, lots of them if the person I am asking is amiable to such.  What is this, that and the other thing.   If not, I am still quite curious - but I am not going to become a nuisance to someone that obviously doesn't want to be bothered.

If I get the chance, I will take my break time and stop for some rocks for my newest pond.  My pond liner came in today.  I ordered a liner to put into the preformed thing I have been digging a hole for. Taking no chances, I don't want leaks and I don't want to have to be taking that huge thing out of the ground - which at that point would mean removing plants, fish and water - to find where the leak is.  I got a brand new one on eBay for $29.  This preformed pond is around $600 new.  No, I didn't pay anything NEAR that amount for it.  The liner is just insurance.

I have done nothing at home today besides normal kitchen cleaning duties and cooking.  The kids did everything else.  That includes sweeping and mopping the kitchen floor.  Living room. Bedroom.  Yup, they did what they said they were going to do and that made me happy. 

I'm very tired.  I slept 5 hours plus a short stint after waking up at 1:30 am.  I went to bed early to deal with my sleeplessness - I am guaranteed, pretty much, at least 5 hours sleep by doing such.  I am going to bed early tonight as well, like in about 15 minutes.

Oops, that means getting busy with night-end rituals.

G'day/nite/hasta la vista.




Unfortunately, my attempt to block the idiot that keeps posting negative comments is going to fail by using the means of eliminating anonymous comments. That’s because I cannot log into any of my blog accounts in the morning and I like to post the day’s message in the comments section – I rather like writing in the morning – and then repost as a regular blog entry when I get home.

The only other recourse is to report the individual to Blogger and hope that they will do something about it, as I am sure they can and have seen in the past that they will if the situation warrants their intervention.

So, GE Money Bank (Chevron Texaco Cards) sends me a letter saying that I have not made my payment. BUNK. I made the payment on the second, due on the 5th. I call. Well, sir, it states you didn’t make the payment LAST month. BUNK again. I am not going to miss a $15 payment so I can rack up a $40 or whatever late fee.

The woman was argumentative – we did NOT receive your payment – she was basically calling me a liar and I called her out on it. We went back and forth for a while and she finally hung up on me: I wanted the number for corporate as I was not going to tolerate a supervisor addressing me in the manner she was, she refused to give me that information. NO problem, I can find the information online. And yes, I went through my bank account and found where I made the payment at the beginning of LAST month as well. They can eat it and take that hefty late fee OFF of the account. The fee is almost as much as the low balance that I am carrying on that account – yes, it was paid down to something like $30 owing.

Now then, the race for the senate seat between J.D. Hayworth and McCain. It’s hilarious. The ads that McCain has been running for months now are the gooiest, sloppiest mud I have ever heard. Accusations run the gamut, one of them where McCain claims Hayworth did a commercial spot for a company that turns out was bilking people out of money and saying it was government backed (I don’t really remember the specifics of it, so that could be off). Whatever it was, it makes Hayworth look BAD. The facts? Hayworth has NOT tried to assert in any way that he didn’t do it, instead, he claims he didn’t know that the company was crooked. This morning, some other issue was brought up on yet another commercial and it sounded worse than the last one. Hayworth was voted out of office here some time ago, Arizonans that remember him then and didn’t like him then are going to vote the same now: NO to Hayworth. But, is McCain any better? Probably not, but I haven’t heard any ads stating that he took corrupt money and didn’t give it back, such as the ad against Hayworth this morning.

The state of current politics is pathetic. Seriously. It isn’t about the issues anymore when it comes to candidates running for office, it’s about making your opponents look bad however you can do it.

But I am not going to waste a lot of time on that. In fact, I can’t really spend too much more time here at all. Last night, however, I did get into it with Michael and the black kids that are constantly at my house. I shut off the internet the Playstation III and they have been off the computer for quite a while now, I was also considering taking the cards out of the Direct TV boxes – effectively shutting off satellite TV as well for each, individual box that you take the card out of.

Issue? Cleaning. I’m at the end of my rope with cleaning up after teenagers. They said they “don’t think it’s dirty in here at all”. I gave a relentless and drawn out factoid on how ANY amount of food, even crumbs, left on counters is prime feeding grounds for cockroaches. I was mad and the internet stayed off to the Playstation. This morning, I found a note from Michael on the bathroom mirror: PLEASE turn on the internet and I will clean up the whole house!

Okay. I turned it back on this morning before leaving for work …….and……..expect my house to be cleaned by the time I get home. Not that it’s dirty – I spend no small amount of time wiping things down, sweeping floors – whatever needs to be done. THAT’S the issue. The tenants don’t even use the living room, but those teenagers certainly can make it a mess in a big hurry. They stated I had told them that I would leave them lists of what to do. I replied that you are 16 years old and I shouldn’t HAVE to leave lists for you to


Well, I can get rather carried away when a teenager is trying to argue back against me in a situation where that person has NO standing room at all. I ended the conversation, got up, went into my bedroom and went to bed. He must have snuck into my room overnight and got into the bathroom to put up that note. I do have a nice setup on my end of the house with my own master bath and bedroom and walk-in closet.

Well, anyway, I will find out about that little issue later on.

For now?

Time to go to work.



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