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Food Stamps

So, they raided the Food Stamp fund to pay for the teachers. 

Out of control government.  November won't get here soon enough.   I am not a fan of abusers of food stamps, but I am hardly totally against having them for the situations that warrant them.  The raid, however, doesn't go into effect until 2014. 

That gives time to fix all of this.  However, Obamacare, as some unaffectionately are calling it, needs to go first. 

The stuff is getting maddening.  I am not going to go into my perspective of how things are going to eventually turn out if we continue on this path, but look at England. 

A few weeks ago, I drove the semi down into a huge mine.  Tomorrow, I get to drive into yet another mine!  And this one is MUCH older than the one I went into the other day, meaning it is undoubtedly even far deeper and vast than the first.  Well, as long as the roads are safe.

I have come to find out that mining operations have extensive safety operations going that MUST be adhered to…



Unfortunately, my attempt to block the idiot that keeps posting negative comments is going to fail by using the means of eliminating anonymous comments. That’s because I cannot log into any of my blog accounts in the morning and I like to post the day’s message in the comments section – I rather like writing in the morning – and then repost as a regular blog entry when I get home.

The only other recourse is to report the individual to Blogger and hope that they will do something about it, as I am sure they can and have seen in the past that they will if the situation warrants their intervention.

So, GE Money Bank (Chevron Texaco Cards) sends me a letter saying that I have not made my payment. BUNK. I made the payment on the second, due on the 5th. I call. Well, sir, it states you didn’t make the payment LAST month. BUNK again. I am not going to miss a $15 payment so I can rack up a $40 or whatever late fee.

The woman was argumentative – we did NOT receive your payment – she …