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It was time to get out of the house.  Put on the straw hat, go to the pond area and sit down. 

Shortly after I got out there, a hummingbird caught my attention.  About 9 feet off the ground, it was zinging back and forth attempting to catch a small fly.  It did, eventually, catch it.  It came back - another fly, more dinner. I have not seen that before.  I have only seen them feeding at the feeder which I have not been filling because it is in the direct sunlight and the liquid goes bad quickly.  Cooler temps and I will start filling it up again.

Dogs in tow, the fish were hungry.  Very small black ants had found their way into the goldfish flakes container that was closed.  No matter, they aren't going to stick around on that food in the water, if they do, I doubt the fish are going to care that they swallowed an ant. 

I believe the direction of life should be controlled by the Lord.  I also know that for several years now, I have been floating aimlessly.  I feed the hungry, ye…


Michael - is gone. As is the way with him and his family, things can change abruptly without any forewarning. 
He got his stuff and left.  That's it.
I have no qualms with it, either.  One less mouth to feed, TV's that won't be on endlessly.  The black kids won't come over because he isn't here and that will mean even more money saved.  Life isn't all about saving money, but this was his decision. 

Caleb - is gone a lot now.  Work keeps him very busy along with school now.  Some girl at work  - his age - apparently thought it would be cute to start rumors that he is a slacker and told him that he was going to get fired.

Instead, it turns out, this girl is going into rehab.  At the ripe old age of 17, she is an alcoholic and they are going to try and bring her out of it.  What, however, is it that goes through the mind to start an ugly rumor like that?  Caleb's manager called him to him earlier this week - Caleb thought it was all over.  He was going to be…