Sunday, August 15, 2010


There are 3 churches on the same side of the street.  The first one I didn't even see until after I was driving home from church, the second one was full of people and the 3rd - well there were maybe 5 cars in the parking lot.  I was 15 minutes early, I figured to drive around the block.  I know, scaredy cat, but really, what is the deal with a church that no-one is going to?

Well, when it comes to the things of the Lord, the human mind can be at direct conflict with what He wants you to do, regardless of what anything may appear to be.  Tempted to pull into the parking lot of the big church with at least hundreds of people's worth (and therefore, be able to disappear in a sea of people), I decided that I had come to visit the other church and I was going to go regardless of what my mind was telling me. 

In walking through the door, a lady with a big smile handed me a pamphlet, asked me if I had been to the church before.  I thought she probably knows full well I haven't been there before if this place has as few people as it appears, but I politely responded no, I am a newcomer.  Asks me to fill out a card - they all, always ask you to do that.  After that, the pastor walks up.  Man in his 70's.  Apparently decides that I am to become a crusade of his to win over, I guess.  He starts talking, we start talking back and forth.  We go into the "room", I sit down and he sits down next to me.  The man is an intellectual, bright, intelligent, up-to-date on current world affairs.  But, he is a spiritual intellectual.  The conversation ends, the service starts. 

Good worship music.  Offering - yes I gave even though I really can't afford it.  Then the sermon.  I have heard some pastors going into politics vaguely, I have never heard a pastor going into the depth of politics as it relates to Christianity and the Bible as I heard this man.  It was NOT a boring "sermon", I was listening intently, to be honest.  The man pays close attention to what the politicians say - and then goes back and finds many instances where they contradict themselves.  Completely contradict themselves.  One of the most astonishing things he came out with - that I haven't heard before and will have to check to verify - is a statment made by Obama.  He stated that Obama, when speaking about his views on abortion, had stated that a woman should have the right to have an abortion even up and into the third trimester.  Allegedly, Obama stated something like: I say we should just let them have the baby on the table and then throw the baby away and let it die.

Something to that effect.  I don't just tend to take people's statements at blind faith and not verify them.  I should have taken notes but I didn't expect the depth of the discussion that was given. 

Oh, I forgot about the part where 3 ladies came in and sat down right next to me - very friendly.  Apparently not having a ringer on the 4th finger identifies you  as potential mating substance? I don't really know, but one of them was very good looking, I'll say that much. 

I left thinking that that was time well spent.  Decided to treat myself with an avocado chicken salad from a local eatery on the way home.  Now? Trying to recapture the momentum I had all this morning in getting all kinds of cleaning projects done around here.  I think it will resurface as soon as my food settles a bit : )



Woke up at 4:10 am - this morning of course.  May sound extremely early and I suppose it is, but......I went to bed at 8:30pm.  The significant factor here is that I slept through the night without waking up a single time.  That, for me, is exceptional.  Me getting almost 8 hours of sleep is unheard of in any recent times - going back at least 5 years. 
Cleaning frenzy.  I started cleaning - and cleaning - and cleaning.  Going through cupboards, clothing, cleaning bathroom, kitchen, laundry this that and the other thing.  3 solid hours of it so far.  I am 75% self-persuaded to go to church today.  I haven't fully "arrived" at that decision, but I think I am actually going to find muster to get over there and see if it's something I can get back into.  Service starts in 1 hour and 20 minutes. 

So that's it.  If I get to church, when I come home it will be more cleaning.  I have several things I want to get done in this house today now that most of the kids are gone and presumably will be gone indefinitely/permanently/who knows. 

I read the news this morning, nothing of great inerest.  As usual, Obama this and Obama that.  This time they show a pic of him swimming somewhere in the Gulf.  I wouldn't go swimming in there if you paid me.  I thought California beaches were dirty.  Michelle apparently is getting flak for her lavish vacations and pricey outings.  Yes, I know they are reporting that the Obama's paid for it with their own money.  The point is the same point I have been making for some time now: rich people in positions of political power having no clue what it is like to live like much of the rest of us and don't WANT to know.  I can't just hop in a plane whenever I want and jet around the world, buying the fanciest clothing and eating at the finest restaurants while staying at lavish hotels spending thousands of dollars per night doing such. 

But really, it's like thumbing your nose at the population you are allegedly representing.  Talk of double-dip recessiong, unemployment at such high levels people are giving up hope of finding a job, foreclosures, on and on and on.  Meanwhile, the president and his wife and family are having the time of their lives, while telling us to pinch pennies and tighten the belt.  Is there some kind of obvious disparity here?  There is no empathy for the rest of us that are worse-than-struggling, they can't have empathy because they aren't poor, broke, homeless or unemployed.  Certainly the Obama's aren't the only family in political power that are living the high life and doing the same, but the president is going to get more flak, obviously, since it's his policies that were supposedly going to make the economy rebound.

Instead, they continue to blame Bush.  If, after 4 years of office and this thing is still not turned around, will they still blame Bush?  I blame the whole lot of them for spending taxpayer money like there is no end to the amount that can be tapped, when in reality we are operating in the highest deficit in history.  These people have no grip on reality.  They don't CARE, that's the point.  You want me to like the house, senate and presidency, then get people in there that are totally opposite of what's in there now.  Pay down the debt.  Get rid of government health insurance (it WILL turn into an endless money pit).  Earmarks and pork barrel spending and all the rest of this money pit. 

No sense in getting worked up over all of that, I will be at the polls in November and my small voice will be heard on a ballot.  1 hour left before church starts.  I'm going, I think.  I know, it's ridiculous that I have such an internal war going on whether I am going to go to church for a couple of hours or not, but it's there none-the-less.  I will sit in the back of the place and observe.  Not judge, just observe.  What's this church like.  How do the people treat each other?  Of course, it is easy to put on a smiley face for church on Sunday, is the walk there the rest of the week?  No way to determine that.  How do they greet newcomers?  Actually, I"m more concerned about whether there is a great deal of gossip and backstabbing.  Little cliques of people that stand around in groups and "chit-chat" about so and so.  I've been there and done that, I'm not interested in hearing any of that junk.

But, I will go with an open mind and positive - and hope to walk out of there that way.



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