Monday, August 16, 2010



I didn't sleep NEAR as well last night as I did the night before. I had an upset stomach/acid indigestion/whatever going on down there and it kept me awake for hours. Nice to finally fall asleep and then have that alarm clock banging in your ears shortly thereafter......

They were predicting in the 111's high for today, now it has gone done to a 104 high. Forecasters have never been able to successfully figure out the weather during the monsoon season because storms start up in the mountains with moist air being drawn upward, accumulating and coming down "here" and dumping it's stuff on us overnight. They just never have quite gotten it.

Which is okay by me, it can get as cool as it wants to. The rest of the week looks pathetic in terms of temps until Sunday where they're showing a high of 99 degrees.

That's also getting close to the end of August and I expect that sooner or later, it will start cooling down and the highs won't be so dreadful.

I'm following the feds with interest. One dissenter on the board is saying that it's a risky gamble to leave the rates at almost nothing. I do wonder what Greenspan has to say about all of this, regardless if he doesn't hold the position anymore.

As for today, one small delivery and that is all that's in the delivery system. Well, if nothing else comes up I am going to ask to leave early, that upset stomach kept me awake most of the night and I am totally out of it.


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