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Will be here (at work) late today as I was asked to close the store. Manager is going to yet another "function" of the divorce proceedings.

So, senator Gaffe Reid finally takes a stance other than lip service to the democratic party. I'm amazed. I wouldn't vote for that guy if you paid me good money to, but still - he is against having that mosque built on ground zero. I am also against that mosque being built there, I consider it a slap in the face of the firefighters, police officers and everyone else that died at that site on 9/11. No, I have no qualms going into some political fields on my blog........

Umm, well whatever. I have been sitting here reading news blip after news blip, all KINDS of stuff in there today. The child sex sting was a bit horrific to say the least - - old guys wanting to have sex with young (and I mean YOUNG) girls.

Another incredulous story is this deal about the Pentagon wanting to buy Russian made helicopters for use in Afghani…