Tuesday, August 17, 2010



Will be here (at work) late today as I was asked to close the store. Manager is going to yet another "function" of the divorce proceedings.

So, senator Gaffe Reid finally takes a stance other than lip service to the democratic party. I'm amazed. I wouldn't vote for that guy if you paid me good money to, but still - he is against having that mosque built on ground zero. I am also against that mosque being built there, I consider it a slap in the face of the firefighters, police officers and everyone else that died at that site on 9/11. No, I have no qualms going into some political fields on my blog........

Umm, well whatever. I have been sitting here reading news blip after news blip, all KINDS of stuff in there today. The child sex sting was a bit horrific to say the least - - old guys wanting to have sex with young (and I mean YOUNG) girls.

Another incredulous story is this deal about the Pentagon wanting to buy Russian made helicopters for use in Afghanistan and not even letting American companies bid on the deal? That is completely and totally outrageous. Right, Obama, you want to put America back to work, or was that Russians? How many potential jobs lost to a contract that might go overseas for a product that can and is being built in our own back yard?

Unbelievable. Well, I just got started with the gears cranking and here it is, time to get to work. Well, work takes precedence.



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