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“59% of all voters now favor repeal of the health care bill.” I was just reading a news story about Obama's ship - it's sinking and FAST. All kinds of polls covering the gamut showing him the loser in every one of them. And why not? He was supposed to "fix" the job situation, at least that was one of his big profiles when he was out there lying to everyone to get himself elected.

Do I hear someone blaming Bush again? GET OVER IT. Whatever Bush did or didn't do, Obama has had AMPLE time to get the economy rolling and has spent near TRILLIONS of dollars to try and do it.

Yet, foreclosures are still on the uptick, millions upon millions of people are out of work and the fear of a double-dip recession are still plaguing the overall economic atmosphere.

"Even in a poll by Democracy Corps—the firm run by Democratic strategists James Carville and Stan Greenberg—56% of likely voters said that “liberal” describes Barack Obama “very well or well” and 55% said the same about labeling Obama a “socialist.”"

Ahhh, finally, an actual POLL that agrees with me and my take that this man is AT BEST a socialist and is hell bent on running every aspect of our lives. November is getting here, folks, it will be here soon enough. Independents aren't liking the democrat's version of things - not that they like the GOP's either - but - the control of the senate must be given back to the GOP to end this wild spending spree.

The listing of polls, the different firms that are taking the polls and the fact that they are all coming out with basically the same numbers is astounding. Yet, Obama goes around acting like nothing's going on, a man that is grossly and totally out of touch with America, it's pulse and the (bad) direction that we are now headed - or more like - spiralling in.

Okay, I'm getting off that subject. I just started reading this news story with all these different polls - however - it was an opinion piece. Still, the polls were what I was interested in, not the man's opinion. I don't CARE about any news organization's opinion, it is all skewed. Whatever side the writer is on, that's the bent it is skewed for. I am ALL for just plain ole' reporting, put forth the FACTS and leave US to form our OWN opinions (you know, like it used to be in the "good ole' days"?).

WHERE do you find THAT kind of reporting anymore? Does ANY news reporting agency in America have that? I have heard that some organizations that are foreign-based have much better reporting, I wouldn't know.

August 18, 2010 5:59 AM

Anonymous said...

Onto other things. It literally poured rain yesterday evening going on into the night. RIGHT after I got through watering my plants - I had let it go for 2-1/2 days to see if it was going to rain, I couldn't let it go anymore - it started pouring. It's okay, it was a short, light watering so no huge waste there.

I can let watering go another 3 days now, even if it gets really hot again (which I'm sure it will).

Coming home daily now to no kids in the house has been a pleasant and surreal situation. I'm not going to say that I am missing all of the commotion going on all around me. No, the serenity and peace has been amazingly helpful to my sanity levels and just plain old cleanliness levels in the house. One tenant even went to work on the living room seeing the kids were gone and spruced it up very nicely.

I'm not sure that I will let them back in if the request is made, I am liking this "new" situation too much. The grass is greener on the other side of the fence - is it really? Go out there and get over there, there is no grass, it died a long time ago and there is nothing but bare earth. This in regards to Michael's family and the way those people live - which is currently in a hotel room somewhere.

I remind myself of those people and their living situation whenever I start to get ancy about having tenants in the house. But, I am coming to realize, the real anciness wasn't necessarily tenants as much as kids. Tenants can be good or bad, sometimes you can get them to change their ways (cleanliness) - you can always get rid of them if they refuse. Kids - especially teenagers - much different story. As I said in another post, we had gotten into it quite heavily last week when I came home and got mad that the house was dirty and I was having to clean up after them.

Whatever the case, the work day approaches and for the 3rd day in a row, there is nothing to do. Well, okay, Monday and Tuesday there was one small delivery in the morning and then that was it. Sales forecasts for this month were pretty dismal company wide in our Arizona region. I didn't think it would get THIS bad. I haven't fired up the semi since Friday to give an idea of it. Any deliveries and pickups have been made in the company pickup.

Beautiful weather this morning. Everything is wet and it's cool outside. COOL, yes you read that right. It won't stay that way, of course, but it is nice while it lasts. It's 80 degrees right now at 79% humidity. Okay, maybe that isn't cool, I don't know, it felt cool to me - in comparison to the 115 degree days we've had,I'll take that any day as long as the sun is being blocked by cloud cover.

The notion that we have a dry heat is really going out the window this summer. There have been far more days of high enough humidity coupled with high temperatures that really, that label to us is disappearing. When it's 107 degrees and it's 50% humidity out, that's pretty warm, folks.

Whatever the case, I must be outta here.



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