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“59% of all voters now favor repeal of the health care bill.” I was just reading a news story about Obama's ship - it's sinking and FAST. All kinds of polls covering the gamut showing him the loser in every one of them. And why not? He was supposed to "fix" the job situation, at least that was one of his big profiles when he was out there lying to everyone to get himself elected.

Do I hear someone blaming Bush again? GET OVER IT. Whatever Bush did or didn't do, Obama has had AMPLE time to get the economy rolling and has spent near TRILLIONS of dollars to try and do it.

Yet, foreclosures are still on the uptick, millions upon millions of people are out of work and the fear of a double-dip recession are still plaguing the overall economic atmosphere.

"Even in a poll by Democracy Corps—the firm run by Democratic strategists James Carville and Stan Greenberg—56% of likely voters said that “liberal” describes Barack Obama “very well or well” and 55% s…