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3 days in a row now I have weighed in at 194 pounds.  I hit it 2 or 3 weeks ago and then went back up.  I had hoped I would have broken the 180 barrier by now - but - whatever.  I'm determined to get down there.  When the weather cools - will it ever - I will start walking and exercising again. 

Ballys is offering me a year membership at $99.  Yes, for the entire year.  I had a lifetime membership that only required a monthly service fee after the thing was paid off - that took a long time to do so.  I let the service fee go and lost it - a LONG time ago.  I could take an alternate way home from work that would not add any mileage and hit the gym - for what, $8 per month? and get some aerobics and free weights going.

I have absolutely no funds to do that right now, but they offer me this deal every month.  For years.  I paid the price, that's a fact - but another fact is that when I had that membership, I USED it to the nth degree.  I remember a big van had showed up out fron…



Week dragging by as far as work is concerned because it has been very, very slow. So, to say it is "already" Thursday is better than nothing.

I am still putting in applications here and there for jobs that I am qualified for - ie: that I can show ample experience in doing. Just looking for part-time work to supplement my regular job's lack of hours. I have been looking for quite a long time and have only received one response, of which I replied back and never heard anything else again - probably because they were looking for full-time workers and I was and am seeking part-time.

Meanwhile, Obama is going to Ohio, apparently, to meet with some middle class family. The news put on a slew of people that live in the area that are unemployed, have been unemployed, have put a hundred/s of applications and received nothing in terms of any kind of prospect for employment.

Of interest was the lady that has 18 years of paralegal experience and can't find anything, any…