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So, I'm sitting here this morning attempting to play Cafe World - which was down - so I started reading other stuff.  Like the president and family on - another - vacation. I mean, these people take more vacations than most people's heart's beat in a single day.

Okay, a bit of an overstatement, still - they are so out-of-touch with the reality of the rest of us, it's just another slap in the face. 

Well, the ex-Marine comes out and asks for a favor - take him to wherever his truck got a flat tire last night.  Most certainly did not feel like doing that -it's hot and humid out, my car's AC isn't working, but - of course - I "sluggishly" agreed to help him out.  Got all the way over there - there just happens to be a tire shop across the street.  We go over there - his mother, who is lives and is IN Germany - was going to pay for the tire with a credit card over the phone.

Well, they put a good used tire on it and then find out his method of paymen…



Well looky here, it's Friday!! Facing another weekend and the potential of going to the same church twice, well, all I know is one thing: it's going to be HOT this weekend and I probably will feel like doing nothing again.

I am so ever-loving through with this summer and the heat you just don't know. I can't stand it. This summer has been worse than any in recent memory because of the high humidity factor. I don't remember the humidity levels being as high as the have been especially on days when the temps are getting up into the 110 arena.

The DC shipment just arrived. This guy shows up before we start - every Friday - and expects me to deal with it before I am signed in and before our store is opened. I always forget to lock the front door after I come in (therefore eliminating this man taking up my free time before work starts) - I did not forget today : )

If a CUSTOMER shows up early, then yes, I will deal with a customer, but this guy KNOWS our hours o…