Sunday, August 22, 2010


Pond next to the house was overflowing this morning.  Yes, it rained last night.  Free water to fill the pond (and water my plants)? Take that any day.  Anyway, I have a trip to make this morning to go get some more fish - free - another pond being shut down.  Got in on that one too late:  they were giving away Koi and goldfish.  Koi are gone, goldfish are left.  They claim they are 8 inches long and have 7 of them.    Well, for free, who cares what kind of fish they are, a big point of having ponds is to have fish in them.  These fish will go into the smaller pond as I believe I am maxed out on the number of fish the bigger pond should have in it.

Too many fish and the water will start to get full of toxins even if you are running a filtering system 24 hours a day.  After that, a family of however many is coming over to bring their beloved goldfish and want to see what kind of setup the fish is going to go into.  Okay.  Another free fish and I don't have to go anywhere to get it.  After that - well this may be pushing it timewise but I am hopeful to make it to church again.

2-1/2 hour break.  Got 6 fish from the shut-down pond and another goldfish arrived, family in tow, a few minutes ago.  These people wanted to shut down the aquarium but apparently wanted the kids to know that the fish was going to a good home.  So, they came into my back yard, mother had camera, papa had bucket, slowly dumped it into the pond, fish dumped out, kids started screaming with excitment - and they left.  That was it.  No elongated this that and the other thing, the got the fish in there and I guess that was their way of washing their hands of the fish and keeping it something in a good light for the kids.

The 6 fish are in the other pond.  They went to the bottom of it and sat there for a while.  They had been kept in a small tub with water so murky and dirty, you couldn't see those fish in there even though it was only maybe 14 inches deep.  The transport home probably didn't help them any, either.  Shock treatment should help them and so I dumped some of that in there.
Now that this is all over, I am attempting to decide whether to go to church or not.  I woke up too early this morning and now all this driving around and "excitement" has worn me out.  I'm ready to take a nap, not get dressed in Sunday Nines and go to church. 

Well, I have half an hour to decide.

Meanwhile, I'm still dieting.  My quit date for this diet?  When I lose the weight?  That probably won't work too well, now will it.  If you spend a year losing the weight and then just gain it all back again after you are "done", what possible good does that do?  I would think that would be depressing, to be honest.  I have no idea, honestly.  A life change in eating habits is what this is really all about.  I have kept a pretty strict approach about it - no cheating.  But, I have decided, I have been on this for quite a while now, the weight is ever-so-slowly dropping - but - I need to be able to cheat at least ONCE in a while.  Just one thing that I want, too: a German Chocolate Blizzard.  Pretty much guaranteed that before too many more days pass, I will have bought and consumed one and I won't feel bad about it one iota.

Now, if I go out and get ANOTHER one, then we have trouble. 

Well, I"m going to go check the fish and try taking a 20 minute nap.  Perhaps that will be enough to motivate me to go.


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