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The turtles are absolutely terrified. 
I had read that they probably will be for even up to several days worth.
I did not expect them to be THAT mortified, however. 
But, thinking about it:
I just took 2 reptiles that were living in a glass aquarium for 4-1/2 years.
Living in an artificial envirnonment in a teenager's bedroom, they knew nothing more
than a log and water.  That was ALL that was in that aquarium.  There were no plants,
no fish, nothing but water, gravel on the bottom and a log in the middle.  I mean - really.
Umm, well I intend on at least trying to put plants in there.  They say turtles may - or may not -
eat them. 
Well, anyway, I took them out of their box, put them on the dry area I made for them, they just sat there,
looking at me.  One of them jumped into the water and went to the bottom.  The other did the same.
They wanted nothing to do with me, lol. 
I stood there and they were clawing at the side of the pond, apparently trying to get away from me.
I de…


There were just six of them.  6 pallets.  Loaded with heavy fittings for ductile iron pipe.  A contractor returned all of it  and now we are sending it back to the manfucturer, it is oddball stuff that we can't resell and are not going to just keep in "inventory" forever.  The manufacturer will charge a 25% restock fee, but at least the contractor gets something back out of it.

Well, my job was to make all of that stuff fit for transporting on LTL trucks.  LTL is simply a term for less than load - not a whole truckload.  You see them all over - Conway/Saia/Bestway all kinds of companies specialize in picking up materials that are not a full truckload but are FAR too heavy or large for UPS or Fedex to pick up in one of those vans they drive around.

Well, I have ample experience with these freight companies.  The stuff gets moved around endlessly until it makes it to it's destination.  It doesn't just get moved around, it gets bashed into by other freight and crash…



Yesterday afternoon, I found an order that our main branch was taking out that is supposed to be for our branch. The trip includes going to Tucson and then up to the mines in the mountains. My attempt to thwart the action - failed :(

The reasoning was that there was going to be stuff in our system to do locally today, we can't be traipsing around the countryside. Well, there is nothing in our system - as there was nothing in the system yesterday before I left - and now - nothing to do when work starts besides attempting to invent things to do, as always.

Vote for J.D Hayworth or John McCain - that is the question.

Easy one there. We ALREADY got rid of Hayworth once and the ads McCain has run against him? Hayworth couldn't refute and actually ended having to apologize for his part in running ads in Florida that bilked people out of a lot of money.

I'd RATHER vote for someone else - but there is no-one else besides some dude I have never heard of and won't be …