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So here comes this dude that is always messing up my Friday pre-work morning rituals. I mean, like right now as I was going to start writing this entry. One problem for him: I locked the door behind me this time. Again, if it were a customer, great, come on in, what do you need? But a truck driver? I AM a truck driver, I KNOW what it's like to have to wait until the doors open. Still 21 minutes left of pre-work stuff, I am not about to go deal with him for the next 15 minutes.........

I just find it aggravating is all.

Anyway, I was just reading a little blurp written by Karl Rove - and Obama's "Summer of Recovery", of which there is no legitimate way that Obama could possibly define this summer as one of recovery in any economic sense, none.

Where is this recovery? Where are the jobs? The housing market? Wall Street? I mean, get real, dude, there IS no recovery and the gloomists are saying another 2 and a half YEARS of "corrections", they like to c…