Friday, August 27, 2010



So here comes this dude that is always messing up my Friday pre-work morning rituals. I mean, like right now as I was going to start writing this entry. One problem for him: I locked the door behind me this time. Again, if it were a customer, great, come on in, what do you need? But a truck driver? I AM a truck driver, I KNOW what it's like to have to wait until the doors open. Still 21 minutes left of pre-work stuff, I am not about to go deal with him for the next 15 minutes.........

I just find it aggravating is all.

Anyway, I was just reading a little blurp written by Karl Rove - and Obama's "Summer of Recovery", of which there is no legitimate way that Obama could possibly define this summer as one of recovery in any economic sense, none.

Where is this recovery? Where are the jobs? The housing market? Wall Street? I mean, get real, dude, there IS no recovery and the gloomists are saying another 2 and a half YEARS of "corrections", they like to call it, in the housing crash. In other words, that much more time's worth of foreclosures.

Well of course! How does an unemployed person that has no or little income pay a mortgage? I am, apparently, the exception to the rule: I have tenants, basically, paying my mortgage. Most people, apparently, would rather lose their home than have strangers live with them.

OHHHH, this guy. NOW he's at the window. AMAZING. At 6:00 am, I will go open the door. If he leaves before then, it's on HIM, not me. HE CAN WAIT like everyone else. I just announced to him very loudly that "I'm BUSY" and turned my attention away from it. What's he going to do, report me? Lol. Next time I'll put some over the window so he can't see in, either.

August 27, 2010 5:56 AM

Anonymous said...

Ummm, anyway, lost my thought. Oh, yes, Obama and his recovery program that is, ultimately, going to have our children's children paying for this s***. Talk of repealing the health care bill, is, fortunately, still very present. Look, let's have health care but let's do it in a responsible manner, not just say here, let's dump a trillion dollars at it and hope the problem goes away.

Anyway, weekend almost here. There is, again, nothing in the truck routing system for today to do, which totally sucks. Another long day. Manager's meeting meaning all managers are "offsite" today doing a yearly meeting going over what, exactly, no idea. I hope to leave early today and just use vacation hours to cover it unless, of course, something comes up (which would be very nice if it did).

The weather forecasters around here, as normal, can't get anything right. Yesterday, rain wasn't even in ANY forecast, yet it was raining all over the place! LOL. This entire weekend now is supposed to have cloud cover, chance of rain and temps below 100 degrees.

Oh, the turtles. Yes, well now they're just hanging out at the bottom of the pond, underwater, terrified, don't know what to do for them. Really, I don't. I'll look on the internet to see if I can find anything, but, I doubt it. Time, I'm guessing, is the only factor here that will allow them a chance to settle down and grasp the reality that yes, this IS your new home. Prince, the giant black Great Dane, is fascinated by them. I pull them out of the water, oh yes I do, when I come around. Afraid or not, I am not going to just let them hide down there. He sniffs them, doesn't try to bite them or anything with this look of fascination on his face.

IF the temps stay down this weekend, I will be out front of the house doing yard work. I did several weeks ago - spend several hours out there - but there is really much more I need to get done. Grass is trying to grow everywhere and I'm going to have to put more plastic down to stop/contain the growth. A pain, yes, but I don't want grass growing out there at all.

Anyway, work day - whatever work there may be to do - is almost here and I have a few more things I wanna do before signing in.



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