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So, I went back.  The pond owners are trying to get rid of all of the fish.  I wish I could oblige - I took some, yes, but not all of them.  My 2 ponds with fish cannot further handle, I don't think, any more fish.  I have a huge filtering process, yes, but it can only handle so much.  I just cleaned it out - a giant pile of fish poo. 

Both of the ponds for fish are pretty much full.  I mean, sure, you can put more in them, but is it wise?  I have good filtering and great aeration on both of them  - but - I have read ample material on the subject that yes, there is a point where you can have too many.  It's the point of amount of toxins that accumulate in the ponds, not feeding them - feeding is cheap enough and that doesn't really do anything to turn me away from getting more fish. 

Anyway, catching the Plecostomus proved to be a challenge - much more so than even the Koi yesterday.  They are mud dwellers, they can hide down there.  The man drained the pond down until t…

Saturday and Sunday

Started an entry yesterday but never finished it. The unemployed tenant had her 2 kids over - a 4 year old girl and 7 year old boy.  They were here ALL day long.  She had little control over them and I will be having a discussion about whether I want them over here again or not considering the yelling, screaming and perpetual chaos that went on for most of the day.  At around 7:00pm I had had MORE than enough when the little girl came into the hallway and started screaming at the top of her lungs - just to hear herself screaming apparently. 

I, in turn, began speaking very loudly that "You need to get your kids under control, stop the screaming junk - NOW!!"

They left shortly after that - I disappeared into my bedroom.  I have my computer out here - here being in the kitchen area - there simply was no peace.  I can handle quite  a bit of stuff, but yesterday was ridiculous.  I had thought she was thinking about having them over another night the way she was talking, I would…