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The news is full of it today. Iran calls French first lady a PROSTITUTE? A giant "boot print" scar on Mars that is "baffling" scientists, Arizona being named in a state department report (going out to the world) about civil rights - yada yada yada.

Politics certainly is going to hell in a handbasket. It isn't mud-slinging anymore, it's throwing fireballs at each other. I guess it's normal, just seems like there's a LOT of it going on around the nation right now.

I suppose of concern to me is this issue of Iran wanting to stone a woman to death because she was caught committing adultery. It doesn't take a great leap, after hearing their president talking about the destruction of Israel and the U.S. on MANY occasions, to say that if they had nuclear warheads it wouldn't take much to get them to use one of them.

I do wish we had a real President in the Oval Office instead of what we have sitting in there now. I don't think he has …