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That's all I can say about my state of mind right now, I am FREAKING MAD.  I have been in that state all day long and I don't know that going to bed will and a "good night's sleep" will do anything but make it worse. 
I WON'T SLEEP, that's the point. 

What am I referring to?

Regular readers might find this unbelievable, but this has nothing to do with tenants, kids, dogs or even Herons. 

I am referring to WORK. 

Here's the story.  I go to work early every morning.  I do this that and the other thing before signing into the computer network.  I pull up my work email account and put on my communicator - it's a system to communicate with other associates in the network via instant messaging - through work only. 

I leave my up when I'm gone.  Our store is run by fully 2 people: the manager and me.  I don't have to worry about 50 or 100 people walking by an unattended computer and accessing personal information. It simply doesn't happe…



Came home yesterday from work to find things "out of place". Couldn't quite put my finger on it, so I checked video surveillance.

Ahhh, good ole surveillance cameras. They always give it away.

2 black boys, ditching school. I didn't throw the black kids out, they just don't come around much since Michael isn't there anymore. However, I do not believe my house should be some sort of refuge to take cover in while playing hookie and I will be addressing that post haste.

Fishies: I am pulling plants out of the water and doing head counts every day now. I SHOULD have 18 fish in there, large ones anyway, I actually have 12. If I lose any more of them, then I will be putting up fencing around the pond edge to keep birds/Herons out, as they are the only thing around that could eat a fish that big.

The experts tell you to look around your yard, sometimes they pick up a fish to fly off with it and then drop it. No fish bodies. I mean, if the bird already ha…