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First off, I freely admit I was out-of-control angry 2 days ago with the situation at work (which is detailed in previous entries, so no need to go into all of that here). 

I have had an anger problem all of my life - to one degree or another. 

Anger has gotten me into a lot of problems that, in hindsight, would have easily been averted if I would have just let it sit for a few hours/days/however long it takes to cool down and get back into rational thought.

We all have buttons, I'm sure of that.  When someone finds mine, it's not a pretty sight.  I am not making excuses for anything.  I am, instead, capable of admitting my weaknesses and when I feel berated, humiliated, talked down to - to some degree authoritarian issues - I can say that there are occasions where I have not reacted well, at all.  In fact, if I told some of the stories from my distant past, people that know me now simply would not believe me.  

One thing I have pounded into my brain after my reaction was F…



Thursday's post eliminated - not by me, but by sending the thing into cyberspace.  It's floating around out there, somewhere, I suppose, but getting it back?  Impossible (and not a great loss, either).

My mind's in a lull right now - rough sleep last night, kept waking up for whatever reason. Plus I have been mulling over what to do about this situation with the ops manager, so far I have just sat on it. Never wise to make rush decisions especially after getting upset to that degree.

So far only one reply to my ad for the room. But then again, it isn't available until the 11th, which is still 8 days away. It is paid up until the 11th and I would love to see a seamless transaction in the payment department. It doesn't normally work out that way, but one can wish.

No, I will have to clean the carpet in there and paint whatever will have to be painted. I haven't really been in there since the Marine moved in there so, I have no idea the condition of the …