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It was time.
I have not done it in quite a long time.
I dreaded it, but, this morning the thing was running SO slow and NOTHING I did was doing anything for it.
I'm referring to my computer and further referring to reformatting the hard drive and reinstalling Windows XP (I'm not in the least bit interested in the newest version of Windows until I start hearing better things about it). 
The reason doing all of that is a pain?  Well think about all the software that you have on your computer and then think about reinstalling all of it.  IE-8; Adobe flash player; Avast; sound drivers; printer drivers; my video surveillance software, all KINDS of stuff.  Plus, you have to keep rebooting for half of this stuff.  It takes hours, literally.  You forget half the software you have installed on your computer - until you run into something that you need and then there you are, installing yet more software or drivers.

I literally hate the process, but - in the end - it IS worth the eff…