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Quoted from a news source: "59 Days to Decide: Evidence Mounts That Dems Are Facing Midterm Wipeout ".
About time to see that kind of headline.  Obama continues to blame Bush for the mess we are in.  I haven't heard recently specifically naming Bush, instead he recites that these problems were caused by "the previous administration".  Sorry, Charlie, you've had your chance, you've spent trillions of dollars and where are we at now?  Potentially a double-dip recession, unemployment is rising, millions of people that are unemployed and can't find work, foreclosures still at all time high levels.

Obama is now rolling out a plan for the following descriptor: Under the new "short refinance" program, banks and other creditors that write down mortgages to less than the value of the property can essentially hand off the reduced loan to the government. The process involves refinancing borrowers into loans backed by the Federal Housing Administrati…