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Last day of the 3 day weekend.
Haven't done a heckuva lot, either.
I found an ad that must have been placed this morning on Craigslist: a person is thinning out their pond and is giving away free fish and plants starting at 10:00 am this morning.  Best part is, they don't live too far away - may 7 miles max.
I scour CL daily for this stuff - too many people either give the stuff away or sell it cheap for me to even think about paying premium prices.  Those 2 16 and 15 inch Koi I have in there, according to the market, are worth between $75 and $100 a piece. 
Well, anyway, I will be heading over there to show up - a bit early.
The way stuff like this works: people show up early and expect to get the best stuff regardless of what the start time says it is and then when people like me show up on-time, there is nothing or very little left.  I have run into this far too many times, I can play that game, too.

Speaking of ponds, I had to put the UV sterilizer on the other, smaller p…