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Face it, Obama, you've HAD your chance - more than once - and you blew it - like a trillion dollars worth of blown. He's in the news again wanting to do this, that and the other thing. It's SOLELY a political move. If the polls are any good indicator, Obama's hands are going to be TIED in November and this outrageous spending spree will, hopefully, be put to a STOP.

My new pond plants. Well, I have no idea what most of them are called. I called them free when I picked them up, and sure enough, that was their new names. Seriously, though, I got 5 different varieties of plants plus I got 2 water lillies. Lillies are usually expensive, these are very small but give them time and they will grow in to mammoths.

I was busy out there planting yesterday plus starting the rather arudous process of going through every drawer and cabinet in the kitchen, cleaning out with bleach and putting roach prufe along the walls and crevices and things. I will try to get rid of these thing…