Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Various Things

My computer is slowly dying.  I was trying to remember exactly when we got this thing - it's either 11 or 12 years old.  It has had constant, daily use for all of that time.  I have done several hardware upgrades to it.  The original cd's with the drivers and such that came with it were stolen several years ago now and everytime I have to reinstall windows, I have to go to Dell's site, find the drivers and reinstall them.

But it is getting harder.  There are several issues with Dell's drivers and Microsoft in attempting to reinstall the drivers.  I have heard I can ask Dell to send me the original drivers on CD's and I may just try that, but, it is so old I don't wonder if they'll tell me to - go blow.

I have had recurrent problems on this machine today to the point I reformatted the hard drive and reinstall Windows XP AGAIN, after just having had done that a few days ago.

I simply don't have the money to go buy a new computer.  My patience is wearing very thin with this one. 

No idea, really, what to do. 

The non-paying tenant of whom I left a hand written notice under her door this morning and came home armed with an official 5-day notice after work today - FINALLY left me money on my computer desk.  She actually got caught up to this week.  I was quite amazed.  I was also quite irritated this morning after coming out of my bedroom, seeing that she finally returned (her bedroom light was on) and had not left me anything.  At work this morning, I was consumed by it - get rid of her.  

Good thing - I have several payments either due or coming up that I cannot afford without having tenants paying me, plus the Marine moving out by the weekend and trying to get another tenant in here, it gets to be a bit much.  In fact, it gets to be totally intolerable.  Yet, this week, the trailer tenants should be handing me a month's rent and I get paid.  On Monday - well probably Tuesday - the other female tenant should be giving me the first half of this month's rent.  Yes, I am on her time concerning that, but as long as I get it every 2 weeks I don't care. 

Umm, so - my biggest challenge right now is to get another tenant in here, even though the room isn't empty. 

As for the computer - well - I don't know of any way to get one excepting to make payments on one, a thing I am very reluctant to get myself into right now. 

Sometimes I just sit here and wonder how it is that life is going the way it is.  Other times I sit here and think life is grand.  I dunno where I am at right now, but it is neither of those things and probably below the former.  I get tired of fighting with the issues of life sometimes.  I just mean with other people and their lack of respect or sense of responsibility to take care of things that are theirs to deal with.  There are "small" irritants around here as well that add up.  Like one particular person that uses enough toilet paper in one day for 8 people.  Seriously - how often do you see a 1,000 sheet roll of toilet paper just disappear in one day's time?  Took a while to figure out who was doing that one..............

I think I'll shut my mouth and go to bed.





I woke up last night to go to the bathroom and heard the washing machine running at 2:00 am. The really-behind-in-rent woman returned. I had hoped that she would have left some money out as she "normally" does, she did not. I left her a rather blunt notice this morning: Pay up or vacate the premises, immediately.

I am tending to get a bit crankier and short with people whose last priority is having a roof over there head, as evidenced by their lack of paying any rent and yet going out of town with friends or boyfriends/whatever all over the place. I was going to give her the 5-day notice yesterday, but my bad, I forgot to take it home with me from work.

That WON'T be happening today. I no longer tolerate people just dragging it out for over a month or even longer while I sit there and watch them consume electricity, water and use of my room for - nothing.

My 2 cents on border security. If WHATEVER administration that is in control wanted to, the border could be secure. That's just the plain fact of it. Misses Mouth Napolitano says the border cannot "ever be completely sealed" - which means to me from what I am reading and hearing, if you can't seal it, why bother at all?

The fact of the matter is, if we dumped enough personnel down there, the tide of people coming in would be dramatically reduced. I don't see other nations having NEAR the problem we are having with it because many line their borders with military or whatever means they use to keep people OUT of their country that don't belong there.

But, then again, some of those countries, who WANTS to go there, anyway? I would FAR rather see a huge dumping of Border Patrol agents and Guard personnel down on the borders than having us stay in Afghanistan for - ever? I'll say it again: Let's get the BLEEP..... OUT....of Afghanistan. I FULLY support our troops over there, in fact, I go to the other end of the scale here, what is the point of them dying on a daily basis in this war for a bunch of people who don't WANT to change? They have lived like that over there for centuries - LET THEM STAY THAT WAY, it's their choice!

Enough. My mind is pretty full right now with this tenant that is spending her money on everything BUT rent. That just makes me mad. I have to get myself calmed down before I go home from work today, cause' if I don't, I'll probably let that person have a piece of my mind and that, probably, will be rather ugly, indeed.

I just don't get people who will pay their phone bill or go out on the town or whatever and attempt to skip paying the rent? Do you get it? I've seen enough of these people of which I have VERY little patience.

Well, work day approaches and I need a different mind-frame going here, so I'm ending this one.



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