Thursday, September 9, 2010


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Crazy that it's Thursday already.

I have 2 people now intereted in the room. Unfortunately, their intended move-in date if they decided they like the place wouldn't be til' the first.

I'm sorta getting tired of people moving out at odd times during the month and am thinking about changing my move-out policy to reflect state law concerning the matter. My policy is FAR more lenient, hence no laws broken. I always just say "give me at least a week's advance notice", I'm considering saying something like move out at the end of any given month, month paid up.

Simply put, it is almost always easier to find people near the 1st of any next, given month than it is during the middle of it. Even simpler put - life would be so much easier if I didn't have to have tenants, period.

The Terrified Turtles are still - terrified. Lol. They crash into the water as soon as they see me, though the other day, one of them sat there staring at me for quite a while before he dived into the water.

There is a pond meeting (I think, gotta recheck) on Saturday. The meetings are neither interesting nor boring,I just go there for the free plants and if anyone brings some fish. I could use a serious dose of motivation in the digging department - though - I can't really do anything right now as the tire on the wheelbarrow is flat - again and this time I am not going to fix it. I will see if I can find a new tire, if not, I will have to get another wheelbarrow. I think cheap wheelbarrows aren't much more expensive, the point being, than a new tire. Ooops, I just remembered that I can probably stick a $5 inner tube in it and it will work fine. Well, I might just do that instead.

It's not as if I'm flowing with money here.

Wow. I haven't seen pirate news in a while. Way cool - U.S. marines board a ship and take control back from the pirates, subduing them without firing a single shot! Way to go, U.S. Marines!!!

Well, I was going to go into Obama, the Obamacare debacle, and the fact that now they are finally saying that this healthcare bill is NOT going to reduce costs as Obama (lied) declared, it is going to cause expenses to rise. Well no duhhhh. I mean, come on. When the government gets involved with ANYTHING, expect costs to triple. I'm still holding out hope Obamacare can be brought down, I'm not holding my breath but I still have some hope for it.

As for today, work day almost here, FINALLY something to do. Though, yesterday morning, I was up in far North Phoenix in the middle of the desert with a semi. When I turned down the "street" where they wanted me to deliver the stuff, I hesitated. It wasn't a street, more like a very narrow driveway winding around to ...... no idea. When I did turn in and got back in there, I was pretty much SOL'ed. It was going to be a LOT of back around a lot of turns. There was hardly room to unload the truck.

Well, when it finally was finished being unloaded, the non-english-speaking Hispanic worker of whom I had to use my now-dulled Spanish skills to understand what he wanted said he was going to have them build me a road, just give them a couple of minutes. ????

Sure enough, a loader and his backhoe went to work turning a huge mountain of dirt into a road that went way up and came back down again. The soil, however, was not compacted and I hesitated again about driving the rig over that stuff, but the alternative was about 1,000 feet of backing, so I went for it. Nice ride, got over it, to the end where they had rocks down to clean your tires - and the truck got stuck in the rocks. I had to sit there for half an hour digging out rocks.

But I did get it out : ) A nice old lady who saw my plight came out with a shovel. The house? Well in "good" times probably a million dollar home : )



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