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More potential information on the stolen electronics surfaced yesterday. You see, Caleb was VERY mad about that stuff being stolen - he had just spent about $150 on accessories for the Playstation. He figured one of the black brothers did it. Well, the oldest one still comes over at night and they had a little conversation.

Seems that another kid - one that I haven't seen in my neighborhood in quite a while, was seen walking down the street from my house the night that stuff disappeared. He has a warrant out for his arrest and has had for some time now - on the run as they like to call it. He is also a pure and total theif.

The oldest black brother stated to Caleb that THEIR X-Box 360 (about $300 plus accessories) was ALSO stolen the same night they saw him walking down the street from my house. They are all mad and - I don't doubt a kid's version of vigilante justice will be doled out.

I have 3 solid suspects and I am pretty sure I will never know who actually too…