Monday, September 13, 2010



More potential information on the stolen electronics surfaced yesterday. You see, Caleb was VERY mad about that stuff being stolen - he had just spent about $150 on accessories for the Playstation. He figured one of the black brothers did it. Well, the oldest one still comes over at night and they had a little conversation.

Seems that another kid - one that I haven't seen in my neighborhood in quite a while, was seen walking down the street from my house the night that stuff disappeared. He has a warrant out for his arrest and has had for some time now - on the run as they like to call it. He is also a pure and total theif.

The oldest black brother stated to Caleb that THEIR X-Box 360 (about $300 plus accessories) was ALSO stolen the same night they saw him walking down the street from my house. They are all mad and - I don't doubt a kid's version of vigilante justice will be doled out.

I have 3 solid suspects and I am pretty sure I will never know who actually took the stuff. It's gone, it's gone. No use crying over spilt milk. I filed the police report, have to find out who is insuring my home today from the lender (I misplaced the info in my house somewhere), call them up and make a claim. They are probably going to want serial numbers so I will also have to call or write Sony.

Meanwhile, I am also going to call or write the house manufacturer and complain about this s*** I found in the walls with the water leak that is CLEARLY the fault of the person that installed the water lines onto that bathtub.

I have a very busy week with all of this going on and trying to finish that room so I can get it rented out again, plus still dealing with cockroach problems and trying to find someone to install a harmonic balancer on the old Buick plus trying to get that car running. Not to mention work. Lol.

Well, work day approaches and there is actually stuff to do in the truck routing system, plus I was looking on ebay to buy a playstation 3 that I cannot afford - however - my son is basically going to "help out" with it.

Anyway, I'm outta here.



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