Tuesday, September 14, 2010


This morning, I drove to a couple of suppliers, picked stuff up, went to our main branch.  I was informed by my branch manager via cell phone that there were add-ons and that I would have to go to another supplier - the place is 2 miles away from the main branch.

I get in the office there and the inside salesman is telling me about the delivery - a trip to Tucson to pick up some pipe and then up to Miami.  This was NOT what my  manager had stated, I was supposed to go to a vendor only 2 miles away to get an add-on.  This goes back and forth and he REALLY needs this to go out.  It's good GP (gross profit) PLUS a $300 drop fee.  He says he called my manager and left it up to me.

Not.  I CAN make such decisions, but, I am not about to create animosity with my manager if I decide to do something that he doesn't want to get involved with.  I call him.  He clearly does not want me doing all of this.  I get why: if a delivery comes up locally, I am unavailable.  I talk to the main branch manager - his CDL A drivers are out and won't be back for quite a while.  This delivery has 40 foot sections of pipe, the only way that can be transported is on a semi and that requires CDL Class A drivers. 

Normally, I would jump at such an opportunity.  I did not sleep last night.  I mean, if I got a couple of hours, that was it.  This stuff with these punk kids walking into my house with impunity and walking out with my stuff did not allow for sleep.  I TRIED, but it was a vain attempt.  Oh, how I wish I could CATCH THEM IN THE ACT.  Those boys would NEVER forget that experience, trust me.  There wouldn't be anything verbal about it, they would be inflicted with pain that only a hospital could repair in terms of the damages inflicted. 

Normally, I would jump at such an opportunity to drive all over the place, today was not one of those days.  Yup, I ended up doing it. Drove to Tucson, my mind enveloped with what is going on at my house, MORE theft/destruction? 3rd time's a charm, if this happens a 3rd time, I am going to hunt all 3 of these people down and I will deal with this myself.  
Got there, got the pipe loaded up.  Started driving - 2-1/2 hours worth to get up into the mountains where the mine is to deliver the pipe.  Halfway there? I was nodding out.  I pulled over the side of the highway and took 10 minutes of my 30 minute break.  I know, a 10 minute nap, what possible good could that do?  It cleared my mind, it removed the extreme desire to go to bed and I got up to the mine.  An hour and a half in the mine to deliver this stuff. No fast process there, never is.

Another hour and a half after leaving there and I was back in Chandler.  I was so tired, I didn't even want to drive home.  It's still quite warm and I won't be getting the AC fixed on my car anytime soon - other things are now taking precedence and I have already survived an entire summer withou AC, a few more weeks isn't going to kill me.  But I did not like the drive home.  Got that over with, came into my house - the female trailer tenant was sitting in my living room, watching TV.  I INVITED them to do so today, don't get me wrong.  Having someone in here?  Well, these people now know that NO-ONE should be here unless they LIVE here during the day.  Well, night too, but that's my problem at that point.   I gave them my cell number, the home phone is sitting there - if there is a problem,call  me, if those kids show up, CALL THE POLICE. 

It was, actually, a big relief to see her in my living room watching TV.  When I walked in, she gave me a "report" of the day's activities and went back to the trailer.  Let me just say that sitting in my living room has GOT to be better than sitting in that cramped trailer all day long. 

That's it.  If I don't hear from a detective soon, I will be making as many phone calls as it takes to make sure that I DO hear from one.  That isn't going to happen today - I am wasted tired.  Another hour at best and I'm going to bed.  I did, however, leave a note for JD, the oldest black brother (the ONLY good on in the bunch) to give to his brother that was involved in this:  bring back my stuff, ALL of it or face juvi/jail.  Anthony plays Playstation 3, he stole it, it's good probability that he didn't pawn/sell/trade it for drugs.  They probably have it somewhere.  Not for SURE, of course, but the possibility does exist.  The gun? Reported to Phoenix police, but remember, in AZ, guns are NOT registered.  Nope, they are not. We are in the wild, wild west and can now carry around concealed firearms without a permit. 

As for the Colt 38 Long Barrel?  Good luck.  I have read enough reports of those things being very dangerous to actually use.  I have searched ammo sites that show they don't have that ammo available.  It is only a show piece, it really isn't useful as a weapon to commit a crime unless a person only intends on using the thing to "show" that you have a gun that you cannot actually use.  I dunno, these kids are pretty - dumb.

I'm done.





House broken into AGAIN. Came home from work yesterday to find the lock on the gate missing. We don't usually lock it, it' just there to remind people to make sure the gate is latched shut so the dogs won't get out.

I go to the trailer tenant's door, the woman is home, the guy is not. She starts telling me about a pickup truck that had been parked out side - on and on. I go in the house, nothing out of place. I go in my bedroom - closet door has a gaping hole in it. 38 long nose revolver missing. About $100 in change - gone.

I go back out and ask if she had seen anyone coming onto the property. No. I noticed the east door of my house - someone had tried to come through it as it was not sealed shut. No-one can go through there without busting the door down: it has a double deadbolt on it. Meaning you have to use a key to get in OR out.

I start going through video surveillance. What looks like teenagers. 3 of them. They have winter coats on (it was 103 degrees out yesterday). They are using the coats to shield their faces. They walk onto the property with impunity, into my house. These kids know where the cameras are, they know the dogs, they know everything.

I get all the points where they're seen coming in down on paper so I can show the police and proceed to call. Trailer tenant guy comes back and now we're all discussing this situation. They had thought that I was allowing these kids to be in my house while not home and didn't want to interfere. Not. Now, they are going to call the police and me if these kids show up again.

Police show up. I show him (one officer) the destroyed door, the missing gun, the video surveillance. We get into a conversation about - Great Danes actually since 2 of them were standing there in his face, another dog lover. The videos do not show the faces of these individuals, but I had a good guess on one of them: one of the black brothers from down the street.

I inform the officer that the guy down the street has video surveillance ON the street and perhaps his might have caught something. He leaves, goes down there and is there quite a while. Another long conversation with the trailer tenants, if they want to help out, great: someone shows up on the property that doesn't belong there, tell them to leave, or, call me, or call the police or call both.

I go back inside. I never had the chance to go through video AFTER these people leave. I wish I would have before police left, because I now have 3 names of 3 individuals who took both the Playstation 3 and other console and my gun and change.

ANTHONY. One of the female tenants is walking in the door while they're walking out. She had no idea what they were doing and thought it was okay that they were there since she recognized one of the boys, one of the black brothers from down the street.

I went and knocked on her door and asked who she had seen. Sure enough, it was Anthony, back to his old ways, just stealing me blind. I look at another camera, they weren't trying to hide anymore, apparently they knew they were ID'ed they were standing in front of the camera full blown view.

I called the police - they were going to have someone call me back. Yeah, well it was after I went to bed that they called me back. They informed me I would have to speak with the officer that had showed up and gave me the number for the precinct he works in. I was out of it, I couldn't do anymore of this. Well, then my son calls. I had left him a message much earlier.

He's furious. Darnell - one of the black brothers that lives 6 houses down from me - clearly identifiable - coming in and stealing the PS3. I'm going to have to calm him down before he come back over on Friday as his sole intent at this point is to go down and "visit" with Darnell.

Oh, and I forgot. I was looking for the 3rd kid - I know the general area he lives in - driving around in my car. There is Darnell on a bicycle riding around as if nothing happened. I stopped the car and started yelling at him. He starts to deny everything "YOU ARE ON MY VIDEO SURVEILLANCE". He starts fingering the blame: Anthony and Drey. Great, where does Drey live? He says he doesn't know. LIAR. We went back and forth.

I left it at this: I CATCH you guys on my property and you are going to be in a WORLD of HURT". But it isn't going to end there, it was enough to scare the pee out of him letting him know that I not only know who did this stuff but also have an eye witness PLUS surveillance.

Last night, I left a note for JD to take home to his brother. JD is the oldest black brother and he is NOTHING like either of his 3 younger brothers. He is straight as an arrow and wouldn't think of stealing from anyone. The message basically said tell me where Anthony is staying and where Drey lives, otherwise you are an accomplice to burglary, theft and willful destruction of personal property.

This kid has already been in trouble and in Juvi before, to get busted with something like will put him back in there for a much longer period of time. The threat of that should be enough.

I'm wasted tired. I basically didn't sleep last night. I feel like crap. I'd LIKE to go home, park my car somewhere else and make it appear as if I'm not there. Those kids had the gall to ask the tenant that saw them walking out of the house "what time do you get off of work?" - meaning, they apparently feel free to come back again!

How do you stop people doing this s***? 2 ways: legally or vigilante. I'm trying legally because, of course, vigilante is not legal. I will say that if I CATCH Anthony or any of them on my property, he will be spending some quality time in a hospital before getting transferred to jail. I have the legal right to defend home and property.

As for the gun, it is an old style revolver like they used to use 50 years ago - in fact, is something like 40 or 50 years old. It takes some kind of special ammo that you have to order, regular 38 ammo does NOT work in that gun. Not only that, those guns apparently can be dangerous to use and can backfire in your face (hence the fact that I never got ammo for it, just a nice collector's piece).

Work day is here, gotta get off.

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