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This morning, I drove to a couple of suppliers, picked stuff up, went to our main branch.  I was informed by my branch manager via cell phone that there were add-ons and that I would have to go to another supplier - the place is 2 miles away from the main branch.

I get in the office there and the inside salesman is telling me about the delivery - a trip to Tucson to pick up some pipe and then up to Miami.  This was NOT what my  manager had stated, I was supposed to go to a vendor only 2 miles away to get an add-on.  This goes back and forth and he REALLY needs this to go out.  It's good GP (gross profit) PLUS a $300 drop fee.  He says he called my manager and left it up to me.

Not.  I CAN make such decisions, but, I am not about to create animosity with my manager if I decide to do something that he doesn't want to get involved with.  I call him.  He clearly does not want me doing all of this.  I get why: if a delivery comes up locally, I am unavailable.  I talk to the main br…



House broken into AGAIN. Came home from work yesterday to find the lock on the gate missing. We don't usually lock it, it' just there to remind people to make sure the gate is latched shut so the dogs won't get out.

I go to the trailer tenant's door, the woman is home, the guy is not. She starts telling me about a pickup truck that had been parked out side - on and on. I go in the house, nothing out of place. I go in my bedroom - closet door has a gaping hole in it. 38 long nose revolver missing. About $100 in change - gone.

I go back out and ask if she had seen anyone coming onto the property. No. I noticed the east door of my house - someone had tried to come through it as it was not sealed shut. No-one can go through there without busting the door down: it has a double deadbolt on it. Meaning you have to use a key to get in OR out.

I start going through video surveillance. What looks like teenagers. 3 of them. They have winter coats on (it was 103 degrees o…