Wednesday, September 15, 2010



Slept fairly well last night but still tired from not sleeping the night before and driving all day long yesterday.

I am 4 hours over for this week now, meaning I should be able to get off early today. I have plenty of things I still need to get done this week, even if a setback with all this burglary s*** going on.

Hopefully the trailer tenants will see fit to spend the day in the living room again. The space case female tenant is back (she has been gone for like 4 days now) but - she wouldn't know trouble if it slapped her in the face. She is TRULY in a world unto her own.

Well, actually, the guy said he would help finish the painting in the bedroom. I was working on that on Sunday and haven't picked up a brush since.

Last night, JD (the oldest black brother) was obviously over as a note I left for him to give to his thieving, destroying brother was gone. The note simply stated that his brother, Anthony and Drey have until tonight to bring the stuff back or they are all going to jail/juvi.

Well, I have to try. I mean, I still doubt that Anthony would have gotten rid of that Playstation 3 - it is probably sitting wherever he is staying, which likely is with his family.

The price of new PS3 is $300. The price of a used one is still at $250, $225 depending on the ad. I refuse to pay $250 or even $225 for a unit that is several years old when you can buy a new one for $300. I do not have "extra" finances to be buying a new one, so that may not happen anytime soon unless my son wants to help choke up some of the money.

Even then, I still have this problem of these kids. I mean, what is safe in my house? Right now? NOTHING. The note I left for JD to give to Darnell (the younger brother that broke into my house) also included the following: If I catch them IN my house, they are going to be spending quality time in a hospital.

By now, Anthony would have received the message I left 2 nights ago. He should know that I am quite serious about that statement, too. I don't care WHO it is, if I catch someone that has broken into my house - IN my house - that person is going to suffer. This subject is going to occupy my mind until I get it dealt with.

Further, I have reason to at least be suspicious that their entire family is living the next street over now. I say this because I saw the youngest black brother last night herding several of Anthony's younger brothers and sisters down that street. If true, this would explain how they knew that the man in the trailer had left that day and they - showed up a few minutes later. I have been walking and driving around the neighborhood every day now since all this began. Specifically looking for Anthony or Drey.

They are NOT going to just walk around my neighborhood with impunity. Darnell? I walked down there last night with dark clothes on and just stood there, across the street from their house. After a couple of minutes, Darnell came walking out trying to see who it is. I said nothing to him. When his eyes adjusted enough, he turned and bolted into the house.

Point? I am not going to be intimidated in my OWN neighborhood by a bunch of punk, thieving kids that don't go to school, don't work, are high on pot all day long and spend their lives looking for their next target.

I AM looking for a handgun at this point. I haven't found any online forums for such except dealers. I was thinking of going to a pawn shop and see what they have - either a hand gun or a 12 gauge shotgun. Would have to have it with me or in my car when not home since - of course - it could get stolen.

I would prefer to get a small handgun and be able to hide it on my person without it being noticed. But, I would also like home protection and frankly, I can't think of anything more effective than a side by side 12 gauge Mossberg - whichever model. Not a hunting gun, solely protection.

Well, the news is full of a bunch of garbage that didn't have any interest to me this morning - more primaries results and tea-party "surprises". No-one should be surprised that ANY incumbent regardless of whether republican or democrat is voted out of their long-standing positions. That's the point, let's get them ALL out of there and start fresh. Reid wants to add some sort of amnesty provision in a defense policy bill. Yeah, let's just grant them all amnesty.

No need to go into all of that again and besides, work day approaches. I am hoping to get everything done early today and yes, leave early today. Go home, take a short nap and hop to some of this stuff around my house that needs to be addressed. I am not going to replace the closet door. Yet. I actually have 2 brand new doors for the house out in my storage shed. No point in it. What if they come back and decide to bust another door out? I'll say this: If they come into my house one more time and the police don't do anything about it, I WILL.



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