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Slept fairly well last night but still tired from not sleeping the night before and driving all day long yesterday.

I am 4 hours over for this week now, meaning I should be able to get off early today. I have plenty of things I still need to get done this week, even if a setback with all this burglary s*** going on.

Hopefully the trailer tenants will see fit to spend the day in the living room again. The space case female tenant is back (she has been gone for like 4 days now) but - she wouldn't know trouble if it slapped her in the face. She is TRULY in a world unto her own.

Well, actually, the guy said he would help finish the painting in the bedroom. I was working on that on Sunday and haven't picked up a brush since.

Last night, JD (the oldest black brother) was obviously over as a note I left for him to give to his thieving, destroying brother was gone. The note simply stated that his brother, Anthony and Drey have until tonight to bring the stuff back or the…