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I was talking with Caleb on the phone earlier.
This that and the other thing.
Caleb said he talked to Anthony last night.
HOW did you do THAT?!!!
He was on the internet and so was Anthony.
What was the conversation?
Caleb said he told Anthony that he knows Anthony and the others took the stuff out of our house.
Anthony said you better check your facts.
Caleb responds the facts are plain.
Anthony replies well let's TALK about this.
Implying on the phone.
Caleb gives him his cell phone number.
No call, of course.

Now, I asked Caleb, how, do you think, is Anthony ON the internet?

Which reminds me, I had thoughts if they were living close enough, that Playstation has my WiFi password programmed into it.  It would automatically receive my carrier signal for internet access. 
Checked, nothing going out.  Inactive signals show a roommate and 2 other carriers I don't remember, but one of them used to be the Playstation 3, probably the other is t…



Headline in the news this morning: "Home Foreclosures Jump to Highest Rate Since Crisis Began". Yes sir, Obama's plan to make it the summer of recovery is obviously working THERE, now ain't it? In the Phoenix area, there is a huge glut of empty, foreclosed homes. Almost 100,000 homes were repo'ed last month.

How many of those still had people living in them? Where did those people go? I know a lot of people leave before they are actually forced out - and where do those people go? Well, in almost all of those cases, they haven't been making payments on the home for at LEAST 6 months, if not twice or three times that length of time. If they have any smarts at all and at least one person is employed, they're saving money to go get another place to live once they have to leave the house.

I haven't seen anything like this in my short life span of 46 years and I haven't heard of any recession with this kind of impact on American lifestyle and s…