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A Short

Mark - trailer tenant - I was discussing with him my intention of getting a 12 gauge shotgun.

He asked the following: "Do you really want to shoot a bunch of kids, even if it is legal to do so?"

"Anthony is 18 years old, not  a kid anymore.  But to answer your question, no.  Unless they had a weapon, I wouldn't shoot a teenager.  It's their relatives/extended family - several of those people I would shoot in a heartbeat" .............. since, they would shoot me in same-said manner if given the opportunity in such circumstances. 

I feel that people that don't have any value associated with human life should go before me,l; if the situation is forced and I have to defend my life.  I have numerous problems right now - but I don't look at my life or someone else's as worthless shit.  Well, maybe a few someone else's (think Osama bin Laden type of people) , but for the vast majority of people, not. 

I would not have a problem head butting the…


At work today, it suddenly occured to me that in my closet is a complete tool set.  I never even checked to see if it was taken as well.  I was sorta worried about that one, when I got home I found the entire set intact. I imagine carrying that much weight might not have been on their minds.  In fact, from what I could see, they really just wanted that old revolver and found all my change to throw in the mix.  

Not much else of any great value in there, I guess they thought they were going to find a gold mine, it's really just my space to keep people out of my things.

I went to WalMart today looking for a 12 gauge shotgun.  They had a nice one for $177.  Single barrel, though.  I sorta want a double barrel, side by side and pump action.  They had an even cheaper one for $117, but it only holds one round of ammo at a time.  I went to the pawn shop's site - they have sold out everything but expect more next week. 

I was at a Mexican restaurant named Someburro's today.  The …


Tonight shall prove interesting. My son is still pretty much infuriated with these kids stealing our stuff - my Playstation 3 but a lot of the accessories he had bought with his own money. I don't play the thing, to be honest, I lost interest in video games once Nintendo 64 was done away with and all this new-fangled junk came out. I still think Nintendo 64 was and is the best of the bunch.

I just told him to not get himself into trouble, he has no criminal record and doesn't need at a juncture in his life when he's getting close to adulthood and getting a good start on it.

I left JD another message last night- thought I'd try one more time even if it's a 99% probability that they won't bring my stuff back. I simply wrote that I have a CD with thier faces (not JD's) on it and I am turning it over to the police today unless they bring the stuff back. Is there anything TO bring back? Dunno. I have this feeling that they are using my Playstation 3 to access …