Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Lol to Puma and the knife statement - I'll have to remember that one!

n all seriousness, I have written 2 entries over the weekend and apparently got lost in doing stuff around the house - forgetting to post them. Oh, wait a minute, take that back, on Saturday I was installing a different version of Windows XP and simply shut the computer off. It's called "The Last XP v17" and is a some killer software - however - my computer as old as it is? Couldn't handle all of it. We still put that version on there but to a much more limited extent.

I truly wish I could afford to buy a new computer, my tenant's boyfriend was telling me you can get a newer one on CL for less than $100. I'll have to check that out.

Anyway, the forecast last week showed today was going to have a high of 100. Now? 107. It's ridiculous. If you can't forecast the weather even close, get out of the business! Tomorrow and the rest of this week look promising. Promising, that is, if you can believe their predictions. I'm ready to get outside and start doing some serious work on the front yard and yes, I put off digging any more on that pond until the weather was to cool down.

I just read an article with the Associated Press asking Iran's President all kinds of questions spanning the globe of things going on in Iran. I consider the man to be a bald-faced liar, I don't give any credence to anything he says and I will not be forgetting his past statements that both America and Israel are the infidel and should be destroyed. Until there is absolute proof otherwise, I totally believe they are out for building their own nuclear weapons and world dominance. In fact, I will go as far to say that the man is a rising Hitler in nature and desire to rule.

The reason I read these articles with his statements is mostly for the entertainment value of it. You read what he says and then you think about what he has said in the past: there is a total disconnect there. Either one thing is true or the other is. Simply because he can put on a poker face and act like they are the friendliest nation on earth, as he is basically, now, purporting, doesn't mean that there is pure and total evil lurking within his inner man.

This weekend saw another blast of cleaning. I scrubbed the inside of my refrigerator - for an hour and a half I did that. I was cleaning all over the place and apparently that bug hit a few others that started in on things as well. The installation of the XP software took QUITE a while because of having to redo it 3 times to make it work. I also gave the CD to police, who showed up, said they don't know anything about the case, please call the Property Crimes division to speak with whoever the detective is on the case.

Then, yesterday, the original officer that showed up called asking if I could burn him a CD of those kids for his own personal use. I would have loved to, but, my files were stripped when I reformatted the computer. I got the original CD done first before doing that. I guess he really doesn't have access to impounded evidence. He was going to take it around to schools to see if anyone could identify these people. I informed him that would no longer need to be done, as the video of AFTER they left my house clearly shows the faces of 2 of them and an admission of guilt from the third.

Where is this going? Well, I didn't expect immediate or fast results, I just want this thing put to rest. The only way to do that is to confront Anthony, Drey and Darnell with these facts. I'm looking to keep them off of my property, but my trailer tenants have now made it known to those kids through other kids showing up that further invasion will not be tolerated and they WILL call the police immediately if any of these kids show up around my place.

As for politics, it certainly is quite the show going on now. GOP is "drawing a line in the sand", so they say. Great, what good is it going to do? Nothing unless they get control AND do what they say they are going to do. I don't believe a damn word any of them says anymore. I hope the Tea Party's wins might help, but I ain't holding my breath. I read all of that junk this morning - wonderful. Whatever, more like it. Same rhetoric, different day. DO something - then talk to me.

Work day is here, I'm outta here.



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