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Lol to Puma and the knife statement - I'll have to remember that one!

n all seriousness, I have written 2 entries over the weekend and apparently got lost in doing stuff around the house - forgetting to post them. Oh, wait a minute, take that back, on Saturday I was installing a different version of Windows XP and simply shut the computer off. It's called "The Last XP v17" and is a some killer software - however - my computer as old as it is? Couldn't handle all of it. We still put that version on there but to a much more limited extent.

I truly wish I could afford to buy a new computer, my tenant's boyfriend was telling me you can get a newer one on CL for less than $100. I'll have to check that out.

Anyway, the forecast last week showed today was going to have a high of 100. Now? 107. It's ridiculous. If you can't forecast the weather even close, get out of the business! Tomorrow and the rest of this week look promising. Promising, that is, if…