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Soooo, China and Japan are getting into it. Nice. Are World Wars cyclic? If they are, it sorta feels like the cycle is about to come around. Iran, with it's president, IN America, talking trash. China threatening Japan. North Korea purportedly preparing to have Kim hand over power to one of his sons. Israel with the threat of Iran and nukes. Russian aircraft buzzing Naval ships. I don't know, it's probably nothing : )

Onto a completely different topic: I come out of my bedroom this morning - it's early - 5AM. I hear all KINDS of noise coming from the tenant that is in what used to be Mary's room. The female is crying, loudly and the guy is talking loudly.

I was undecided whether I should go banging on the door and asking them to quiet down or simply write up a notice and get rid of her. Mary used to keep all night hours and drove out several tenants because of it. I didn't bang on the door, I left and decided to ask the other female tenant if all tha…