Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cafe World Tips 20: Anniversary Catering and Catering Missions

The new Anniversary Mission for Cafe World just came out and what a cool deal it is for finishing the mission in time! There are fully 5 new dishes in there that you will get to keep permanently.  One of them is Rautatouille.  It costs 13,000 gold coins to prepare, but it gives you 19,000 plus back, plus over 600 cafe points and 1,200 servings per dish. 

I have been visiting the boards on Cafe World for some time now and the ever-recurring theme of complaint about these missions is the impossibility of getting them done in the time frame allotted, especially the BBQ catering mission.  I had that mission done in just a little over 2 days.

The problem, folks, is either not having enough neighbors or having neighbors joining your crew that are not cooking towards the mission.  The problem of not having enough neighbors is EASILY fixable.  On Cafe World's message board menu, you will find an "Add Me" forum.  It is located here:
That board was solely created by Zynga for the purpose of getting new neighbors.  There are thousands of people looking for neighbors on that board. 

IF you have a problem having an absolute stranger being added to your Facebook account, I can't help you.  I have heard that you can keep your cafe world neighbors locked out of your personal information if you want to set it up that way.  Personally, I have made dozens of internet friends simply by getting new neighbors for Cafe World, it's been pretty cool.

As for neighbors that aren't cooking towards your mission but ARE on your crew: you can't, as of yet, fire them.  MANY people have complained to Zynga about putting the option in there to get rid of non-producing crew members, but, nothing yet.

Find out who your neighbors are that do the cooking and only send them crew requests.  Obviously, that doesn't help you the first time around, but if you write down their names for future reference, you will not make the same mistake twice.

The only other options for finishing these missions if you can't get good help is to either pay your way through it (I think I absolutely REFUSE to do) or buy Instant Thyme spices and spice all the dishes until you are done.  Either way, that is an expensive option.  It really isn't that difficult to add new neighbors and the rewards are certainly well worth it.

Zynga is frequently updating the game and slowly making it better.  Just gotta hang in there!
Happy cooking, Chefs!

Friday 9/24/2010


Yes, yeehawwww, it's Friday!

But dang, what a way to start out the day today in trying to connect with Cafe World to serve the dishes I had cookedo on the stoves. It's their 1st anniversary and I kept getting one popup window after another - dragged it out so long I wasn't able to leave for work until long after I normally do.

Then, I get to work and there are all these emails for people wanting to buy drip irrigation supplies, including one company that wants to buy us out : )

That would be a great thing, cause if they do, I get $250 for doing it. I could use an extra $250 right now...........

My time is already running out. A guy is shutting down yet another pond. I want to get some more goldfish. He has some Koi but he wants $50 a PIECE for them. Balk!!! Lol. I have 4, very large Koi that I paid $5 a piece for and I will continue to hunt for more at giveaway prices. Meanwhile, nobody wants the goldfish so they either give them away or sell them for $1 or $2 a piece. Goldfish are just as fun to watch as Koi, but - Koi have some different colorings and markings giving them a different "spice" added to the ponds.

Anyway, I do love the games and spin on the "Bush tax cuts" that the dems are playing. They spin the stuff so vividly and amazingly well, the truth is completely lost in a maze of smoke and mirrors. If you didn't KNOW what the Bush tax cuts really are, you would think the GOP is a bunch of a-holes only wanting to help the rich. Of course, it's widely known that the Bush tax cuts help everyone across the board, not just millionaires. I'm not saying the GOP is a group of lily-white angels, I'm just saying this stuff with Reid and all the garbage he attempts to shove down everyone's throats is - entertaining, the best way I can put it.

Ummm, work day is here, must be offa here.




4 hours labor. That is what was quoted to me by some freak of nature. I responded to his ad on Craigslist for a mobile mechanic. This guy claims it's going to take 4 hours to remove the harmonic balancer on my old Buick and put a new one on.

May I say here that the only thing that has to come off other than the balancer itself to GET the balancer off is the accessory belt? May I also say that there is only ONE bolt holding that harmonic balancer in place? $240 labor alone.

I was going to write him back and give him a piece of my mind, instead, I decided to let it go and not write back to him at all, instead, going with the dude that will replace both the balancer and the wheel brake cylinder for a grand total of $80.

Still, quite unbelievable. I can take the car to a shop for the money that first guy wanted.

The unbelievability of the statement that "the recession was over in June of 2009" is so incredulous, at least to me, that I can hardly believe these people really believe what they are saying. Staggering unemployment rate at almost 10% average nationwide; foreclosures still going strong; millions of Americans out of work that WANT to work; another - and allegedly the biggest yet - round of foreclosures coming as ARM's reset. Yes, that's what I have read and heard anyway, the round of Adustable Rate Mortgages that is going to reset sometime next year, I believe it was, is going to be the biggest yet.

And then what? More foreclosures, more short sales. Oh, and don't forget that "new jobless claims rise to 465,000, the first increase in 5 weeks". Who's the belly-gutter that is trying to tell us that we aren't in a recession? My first guess: The Political Machine.

Yes, I can just see it now, Obama attempting to go around telling everyone we are no longer in a recession. Good luck, I hope he DOES try to do that, American sentiment against him will only grow stronger if he does.

I'm having a heckuva time getting people to come look at the room I have available. They don't like my style of house. I actually could have had a site-built home instead of a manufactured when I was going through that process, but it would have taken MUCH longer and I was HATING living in an apartment. It's a good starter home, and at 2,000 square feet and 5 bedrooms, it's hardly small. It's also very nice inside, everyone that actually comes IN the house always is surprised. First, they didn't expect it to be that big and Second, they expected to see panelling and all that jibe they used to use in this kind of housing.

Yesterday, a lady that was supposed to stop by to take a look wrote me later saying that there were just a bunch of "trailers lined up real close to each other".

Lol. I wrote back and told her that first off, those lots those trailers are on are MUCH larger than the amount of room site built housing developers are giving. Second off, dismissing her claim that a "trailer isn't a house", I just said well, I guess it won't work out for you, good luck in your search. I can tell you right now, a 2,000 square foot abode is a house, at least from my perspective. The stigma is always going to be there, though: trailer trash. Unfortunately, there are people on my street that are just that: trailer trash. They literally throw trash out their doors and leave it to rot. They bring junk onto their property and stack it up. I have written numerous complaints to the city's neighborhood services department and they have done some good.

The only thing that would actually force people to change, however, would be to start a homeowner's association, get the CC&R's down on paper, give people whatever - 90 days or however long seems reasonable to get their properties cleaned up and landscaped and then - start handing out fines.

That will, of course, never happen. In fact, the amount of opposition I received to starting a Neighborhood Association - sort of similar to a Homeowner's Association excepting it has not teeth - can't hand out fines - was too much. I COULD start one without too much help from anyone since it's a voluntary thing and whether people want to participate is totally up to them, but, I have given much thought to it and just don't see that there is enough community support.

Too many cliques in that neighborhood and attempting to get people out of that mindset? Not worth the trouble. Or is it? A clean, good looking neighborhood raises property values, a trashy, dirty looking neighborhood helps to lower them. Some people are too poor to afford landscaping - albeit they could clean the property up if they wanted to, especially considering every 3 months the City of Phoenix comes along with a small front loader and a garbage truck and will haul WHATEVER you put out there away.

For now, I just write up the complaints.

And for right now, well, work day approaches and I do, allegedly, have a trip up to the mine.



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