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Cafe World Tips 20: Anniversary Catering and Catering Missions

The new Anniversary Mission for Cafe World just came out and what a cool deal it is for finishing the mission in time! There are fully 5 new dishes in there that you will get to keep permanently.  One of them is Rautatouille.  It costs 13,000 gold coins to prepare, but it gives you 19,000 plus back, plus over 600 cafe points and 1,200 servings per dish. 

I have been visiting the boards on Cafe World for some time now and the ever-recurring theme of complaint about these missions is the impossibility of getting them done in the time frame allotted, especially the BBQ catering mission.  I had that mission done in just a little over 2 days.

The problem, folks, is either not having enough neighbors or having neighbors joining your crew that are not cooking towards the mission.  The problem of not having enough neighbors is EASILY fixable.  On Cafe World's message board menu, you will find an "Add Me" forum.  It is located here:

Friday 9/24/2010


Yes, yeehawwww, it's Friday!

But dang, what a way to start out the day today in trying to connect with Cafe World to serve the dishes I had cookedo on the stoves. It's their 1st anniversary and I kept getting one popup window after another - dragged it out so long I wasn't able to leave for work until long after I normally do.

Then, I get to work and there are all these emails for people wanting to buy drip irrigation supplies, including one company that wants to buy us out : )

That would be a great thing, cause if they do, I get $250 for doing it. I could use an extra $250 right now...........

My time is already running out. A guy is shutting down yet another pond. I want to get some more goldfish. He has some Koi but he wants $50 a PIECE for them. Balk!!! Lol. I have 4, very large Koi that I paid $5 a piece for and I will continue to hunt for more at giveaway prices. Meanwhile, nobody wants the goldfish so they either give them away or sell them for $1 or $2 a pi…



4 hours labor. That is what was quoted to me by some freak of nature. I responded to his ad on Craigslist for a mobile mechanic. This guy claims it's going to take 4 hours to remove the harmonic balancer on my old Buick and put a new one on.

May I say here that the only thing that has to come off other than the balancer itself to GET the balancer off is the accessory belt? May I also say that there is only ONE bolt holding that harmonic balancer in place? $240 labor alone.

I was going to write him back and give him a piece of my mind, instead, I decided to let it go and not write back to him at all, instead, going with the dude that will replace both the balancer and the wheel brake cylinder for a grand total of $80.

Still, quite unbelievable. I can take the car to a shop for the money that first guy wanted.

The unbelievability of the statement that "the recession was over in June of 2009" is so incredulous, at least to me, that I can hardly believe these peop…