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How long will it be before Iran's president accuses the U.S. of creating this malware that has infected computers - a majority of which are in Iran? Just like his outrageous statements about the U.S. government creating 9/11 on purpose (and, thankfully, the U.S. delegation walking out), it's only a matter of time before he starts flapping his lips with some "evidence" that they have found.

One of my brothers is on Facebook - like he must LIVE there he puts up so much wall comments. Well, he came to my wall and started arguing with things concerning Obama - Obama care and all the other money "saving" ideas that the President had.

As normal for my brother, once he realizes he isn't going to win against me - he is very liberal, I am at least moderately conservative - he then starts talking down to me. He is in the health care industry - a regional manager and union president in an ambulance company - has obvious interest in wanting to continue to …