Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Feeling Funny

I went to the doctor last week and then again today.
There is something growing on my face, it's ugly, it's getting bigger and it's itchy.   Mostly between my nose and mouth.  The first doc said it was a virus, much like a cold sore and some version of herpes, gave me a prescription.  I went to the pharmacy only to find that I had totally lost the prescription. 

I stopped by another Cigna facility today, these "Care Now" facilities are far and few between.  Basically, you walk in, see a doc - but it isn't Urgent Care so you don't have to pay the Urgent Care version of a co-pay, it's the same co-pay as a visit to your regular doctor - which is way cool.  On a tangent, our company is leaving Cigna to go to some other healthcare and I really wish they would NOT.  I like Cigna is all I can say about that.

Well, this doc tookalookit me and my blood pressure?  WAY down.  Where it used to be before my house burned down.  I thought that a good thing, I don't necessarily think they think it's that good to be that low.  Well, whatever, I'll take low blood pressure over high any old day.  So, I told this doc that I had already been given a prescription by another doc another Care Now facility - I hadn't had time to go there to try and get another one because it is simply WAY out of the way of anything close to what I normally do or go near. 

She got to looking online, found the original prescription, asked me if she could just sent it directly to them, I said yes and walaah.  2 pills, 4 times a day.  I took 2, 3 or so hours ago.  I have felt funny ever since.  Hard to describe.  Almost a high feeling.  Lol.  I'm not saying it feels BAD, just ODD. 

Will it work? I dunno.  I thought there were to ringworms on my face, that's what they looked like to me.  What do I know?  I've had ringworms a couple of times in my life - that's what it looks like to me, it looks nothing like a cold sore.  If these antibiotics don't work, I'm just going to make an appointment with my regular doctor - though - that can take a while to get in to see him.  Ummm, I guess I should have asked about the potential side-effects of this junk, some of which can be - pretty bad.  However, the picture of the man that I saw that was REALLY bad?  I think I wouldn't be feeling too well right now if I was going to have THAT side effect.  This is the reason I hate taking drugs, well one of them.   Many drugs make me feel naseous, terrible, icky, sick, whatever.  But - these drugs you take that can cause all kinds of stuff including DEATH?  No thanks. 

Got home today and went to work on the turtle pond.  I fixed up one of the waterfall filters I have acquired when I was buying these ponds - those things are expensive if purchased new, btw, and got that thing filtering.  I was using a small filter box on it and it simply wasn't working. 

The always-behind-in-rent tenant paid me today.  Quite a tidy sum, I might add, brings her down to only $70 in arrears.  The Army reservist also owes me, she should have paid me by now so - yes - I am going to ask her about that.  The new tenant is very motivated, just moved here a while back from Alabama, has a job with Bank of America and if things go well for him, I doubt he will be here very long.  I guess that's okay, but - I don't find great tenants every day of the week - those that I do find?  Well, they always get on their feet adn get their own place. I AM happy that people get out of the financial doldrums, just no fun having to find replacements who might not be anything near the level of "quality" a person like this might be. 

The guy with the Koi?  He found a buyer for all of his Koi, but not his goldfish.  Again, people frown on goldfish.  I don't really care.  I like Koi better than goldfish because they have a lot better markings and colorings, but in the end, it's just a fish.  Lol.  They call the "Ornamental" fish.  I wrote him today - he wrote back saying I could have the black and gold Koi, the much smaller ones, but at a price.  Not sure I'm going to do that, but I'll be happy to take his goldfish off of his hands, put them in with the turtles and hope that the turtles don't eat them for lunch.  These are LARGE fish, however, from what I have read as long as the turtles are well fed, they mostly won't bother with them. 

That's it.  I'm going outside to check up on the new filtering setup and make sure that it's going good.


Slept VERY poorly last night. No rhyme or reason, just woke up around midnight and it took hours to get back to sleep.

The new tenant is very cool. I mean, he just has a very good attitude and nothing seems to shake him up too much - so far anyway. He has some high end electronics in his room. I got a bit on the pushy side by recommending strongly that he get renter's insurance for that stuff. For $15 to $20 per month, that's pretty cheap insurance to know that all of that isn't going to disappear.

My house may have been broken into, but - they didn't bother tenant's rooms or items. Further, that new guy is at the house all day and works at night. He leaves for work after I get home from work. It sorta would make it difficult for anyone to take anything, obviously, not to mention the trailer tenants who say they go out and look anytime they hear that gate being messed with during the day while I'm at work.

Further, the word "got out to the streets" that everyone living at my place IS watching out for each other and Mark - the male side of the trailer people - sternly stated yesterday that "it's not going to happen again". At least, not as long as they are living there. Well, I hope not.

The insurance adjuster called me yesterday and asked if I was going to follow through with the claim. I said probably not - I can't prove that I actually owned any of the stuff except the video gaming consoles because I can get serial numbers and proof from Sony and Nintendo - after the deductible, what am I going to get, a couple of hundred bucks? I mean, I've heard that if the loss isn't that great, don't bother with claims because you become a liability to insurance companies that might want to dump you as a client.

This man insisted that I turn in a claim and that he would give me credit for as much as he could without proof of EVERYTHING. Okay, I'm going to do it.

My fish are having babies. Well, they lay eggs and then babies come forth. I know this because I am seeing a lot of "fry" they call them, VERY little fishies. It appears that there are at least 50 of them in there. Umm, if all of those survive, I will be giving fish away instead of trying to get them from CL all over the place. I don't really need any more fish right now. My ponds are pretty full. I wouldn't mind a few more Koi if I could find them, otherwise, I'm hoping there is at least one female in the group I have that will get sassy with a male and they can make all the little eggs they want.

Umm, time a running out. Another hot week - 107 today with "abnormally high temperatures" according to forecasters. Well, IF their forecast is correct for next week, then the temps are going to come down quite a lot with highs in the low 100's or high 90's - which is still warm but nothing as bad as 107.

Nothing in the truck routing system for us to do today - ayyyyy yai yaiiiiiiii.


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