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Feeling Funny

I went to the doctor last week and then again today.
There is something growing on my face, it's ugly, it's getting bigger and it's itchy.   Mostly between my nose and mouth.  The first doc said it was a virus, much like a cold sore and some version of herpes, gave me a prescription.  I went to the pharmacy only to find that I had totally lost the prescription. 

I stopped by another Cigna facility today, these "Care Now" facilities are far and few between.  Basically, you walk in, see a doc - but it isn't Urgent Care so you don't have to pay the Urgent Care version of a co-pay, it's the same co-pay as a visit to your regular doctor - which is way cool.  On a tangent, our company is leaving Cigna to go to some other healthcare and I really wish they would NOT.  I like Cigna is all I can say about that.

Well, this doc tookalookit me and my blood pressure?  WAY down.  Where it used to be before my house burned down.  I thought that a good thing, I don&#…

Slept VERY poorly last night. No rhyme or reason, just woke up around midnight and it took hours to get back to sleep.

The new tenant is very cool. I mean, he just has a very good attitude and nothing seems to shake him up too much - so far anyway. He has some high end electronics in his room. I got a bit on the pushy side by recommending strongly that he get renter's insurance for that stuff. For $15 to $20 per month, that's pretty cheap insurance to know that all of that isn't going to disappear.

My house may have been broken into, but - they didn't bother tenant's rooms or items. Further, that new guy is at the house all day and works at night. He leaves for work after I get home from work. It sorta would make it difficult for anyone to take anything, obviously, not to mention the trailer tenants who say they go out and look anytime they hear that gate being messed with during the day while I'm at work.

Further, the word "got out to the street…