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Side Effects

I was feeling - a lot of different things - after I took 2 more of those pills this morning.
High - like on LSD.  Drowsy.  Lethargic.  Muscle cramps all over my body.  Surreal - there but not there.  All kinds of sensations.  The obvious conclusion: stop taking the stuff, my body and this drug did not agree to a contract and all negotiations are off the table.  I stopped taking it.  Talk about taking a drug whose side effects are FAR worse than the thing it is trying to treat, this is one of the worst I have ever experienced, Penicillin taking the number one spot. 

Next time a doctor wants to prescribe something to me that I have never heard of before and know nothing about, I am going to ask specific questions about side effects.  If his answers are vague, I'm going to look it up on the internet.   A side effect of "Death" is not exactly something I want to venture into when considering a condition that is not going to come anywhere close to taking my life.  I left wor…


I had breathing problems in the middle of the night last night. Another potential side effect of this medication, it was a funny feeling. Like you're breathing but you're not breathing at all, so you breath harder cause' you don't feel like you're getting enough air/oxygen.

I have always had terrible side effects to most medications, which is why I HATE taking pills of any kind. Ibuprofen excluded, that stuff works for what it's supposed to do and I don't have ridiculous side effects to it. I suffer extreme allergies and take nothing for it - there is nothing on the market that doesn't give me WORSE side effects than the condition the medication is trying to treat.

I'll have to call the doc later when they open up and see what they have to say about all of this.

The work day is already here, I'm outta here.