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I got home from work today, went straight to work on the car.  Removed the battery cables, sprayed the battery cleaner on them, scrubbed them with a wire brush, washed them off - repeat, repeat repeat until corrosion was gone.  Put a gallon of fresh gas in it, fired right up.  Took it for a drive.  Quik Trip - had to remove the wheel covers to get at valve stems to air up tires.  Put more fresh fuel in it.  Drove it around.  Started running a bit rough, plus the check engine light is on.  A couple of places that will check the light for free, try that tomorrow.  Fuel injector cleaner added to the fuel probably wouldn't hurt, either.  Forgot about the oil leaking out of one of the manifold gaskets - a cheap fix, get to that soon.  A bit of hesitation from a stop.  Again, it's been sitting.  Maybe a fresh set of spark plugs and have diagnosed what the check engine light is on for. 

I have the 3-day permit, I will take it to the emissions testing station regardless - if it fails…

Today's high? 108 degrees. That's ridiculous. Insane.

Whatever the temps outside today, I feel MUCH better after stopping taking that medication. Gotta love medication that makes you sick!

Another crazy thing is this situation with my son's auto insurance. They quoted me $134 per month for him, now they have raised it another $25. I will be asking them about that today - and if no good answer - I will be seeking insurance somewhere else. However, I know young people that are paying far more than even the extended cost that they are dumping on me to dump onto my son. Dunno, guess it just depends on how much badly my son wants to drive.

I heard on the news this morning that AHCCCS (Arizona's free health care to people under the poverty level) is cutting costs - and people that have that health care. It sounded as though a LOT of people are suddenly going to be without. So, what are they going to do? Go to the hospital, of course, with whatever it is they have, …