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So, Anthony is on Myspace challenging Caleb (my son) to a fist-fight.  This because of the situation with me throwing him out.  I had to ask: why isn't he challenging ME to a fight, since I'm the one that threw him out - Caleb had nothing to do with it.  Caleb wants to engage him  in such.  I think it a BAD idea.  I do not get that Anthony is the type of person that would engage in a fair fight, number one.  He would bring weapons or a lot of people with him or probably, both. 2, it's juvenile.  I would like my son to see that fighting over such a thing is a total waste of time besides the potential incurrment of injury.

However, there IS the theft portion of this - which he is still mad about and would like a piece of Anthony to at least somehow pay him back for taking all of that stuff.  Anthony has a lot of gall, I'll give him that.  He also has never had his @$$ kicked.  Many times in life, when a person is spouting off all over the place like Anthony is and does, …