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I went to the Direct TV site to pay my bill - due in 11 days but I pay bills when I have the money available and if that's well before the date, even better.

The bill was for $115.38.

Insanity.  I thought possibly ALL of my discounts must have expired at the same time and now I would have to spend whatever time it's going to take to get them to bring it back down again.  I went to my account and found 2 pay-per-views on the same day for $14.99 plus phone fees.  My first thought was the thieves, did they sit down and watch something while stealing my stuff?  No, the date was wrong - after both break-ins.  People are WATCHING this place now. PLUS, my Michigan neighbor is back and he definitely is a good neighbor on that particular front.

The only thing to do is call Direct TV - I'm going to get it removed if at all possible.  I bypass the first person that answers, that person isn't going to be able to do anything for me in a situation like this and they will try to tell…