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Another slow day at work.  I have to be busy at work to stay engaged.  If there is nothing to do, it drags me down quickly.  One small delivery and a pickup downtown - maybe 2 hours worth of that and it was done.

Took the car back into the shop again this morning.  I was trying to keep civil with the owner - he runs a shop that has raves valleywide about the quality or the service.  "Do you think you might be able to get to it today".  Yes, was his definitive answer.  Okay.  I left the car there, then drove by in the semi 3 hours later to see - the car still parked there. 

Went about my business and 2 hours later, visited again.  The mechanic that was supposed to deal with it had an emergency at home and would get to it when he got back. 

Fast forward, work is over.  I walk down there, still, nothing.  But, the employee shows up shortly after I get there.  I figure I'm in for a long haul and I wasn't wrong.  But, an older gentleman - like 80 plus - engaged me in co…