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3rd Doctor Visit

1st doctor visit netted me a prescription for a drug to get rid of what was on my face.

2cd doctor visit netted me a second look from a different doctor who wasn't so sure, but I was there to get the prescription re-written because -  I could not find what I did with the first one. 

Get prescription.  Have hallucinations and other extremely undesirable side effects.

3rd visit was today.  Yet another doctor who disagreed with the first two, saying she didn't know what it was and that I would need to go see a dermatologist.  Gave me yet another prescription - itchiness.  Whatever this is, it itches like crazy - at times - and doesn't itch at all - at other times.  I wonder what kind of side effects I am in with this one?  Hopefully none besides the fact that they say it can make you drowsy, don't drive.  Don't care, only intend on taking it at night before going to bed - if it even works at all. 

Immediately after getting out of the doc's office I call the derm…



Mark - one of the trailer tenants - got brave yesterday and started pulled the shards of glass out of the busted windows. I didn't do it because that stuff is stuck in there - it has to be to be able to contain the argon gas between the panes. Well, you can't tell that 3 of those windows are missing panes now, the inner panes had no damage.

This was from Anthony and his rock-throwing escapade quite a while back now.

A couple of companies quoted me $75 PER WINDOW - JUST to remove the glass. Almost $250 per window to replace the glass and pump in fresh argon gas. Will I ever replace the panes? Not anytime soon is all I can say about that. I have a small savings account going right now, it's not being saved for that purpose. No, not at all.

It is being saved for one of 2 things, either a new computer or a handgun. It's at $160 right now. $300 for a "cheap" 9mm - but a computer? Well, $300 isn't really going to cut it for a good machine unless I'…



Absolutely beautiful weather this morning. Just perfect.

Well, another pre-work mornin blasted by junk I was having to do on the internet. Oh well.

Have a great day!