Friday, October 8, 2010

3rd Doctor Visit

1st doctor visit netted me a prescription for a drug to get rid of what was on my face.

2cd doctor visit netted me a second look from a different doctor who wasn't so sure, but I was there to get the prescription re-written because -  I could not find what I did with the first one. 

Get prescription.  Have hallucinations and other extremely undesirable side effects.

3rd visit was today.  Yet another doctor who disagreed with the first two, saying she didn't know what it was and that I would need to go see a dermatologist.  Gave me yet another prescription - itchiness.  Whatever this is, it itches like crazy - at times - and doesn't itch at all - at other times.  I wonder what kind of side effects I am in with this one?  Hopefully none besides the fact that they say it can make you drowsy, don't drive.  Don't care, only intend on taking it at night before going to bed - if it even works at all. 

Immediately after getting out of the doc's office I call the dermatologist to make an appointment. It's 2 minutes after 3:00 - or 3:02pm - they are already closed.  Sheesh, doctor's hours.  The recording says they are only open until 3:00 pm, Monday-Thursday, they aren't even open on Friday.  Again, sheesh, doc's hours.  Undoubtedly, I will have to take a day or partial day off of work to see these people.  I don't care, I'm going to get the skin test and I'm going to find out what's going wrong here,. 

Well, whatever.  Work: find out that on the 13th - 5 days from now - I get my bonus check.  Woohooo!!!  Just short of $800 after taxes.  I was given a printout of the pay I received the last 2 fiscal years - down almost 7 grand.  The previous fiscal year was down itself.  I'm down around 15k per year from what my pay was previous to the housing bubble, foreclosures, economic collapse.  Perhaps that's why they upped my pay, I dunno.  I would like to get at least my regular hours back, but there is no hinting from corporate - at all - that that is going to happen anytime soon.  It fits - there are days when there is nothing to do and it really is a LONG day when there are no delivery orders to pull, palletize, shrink wrap, load on the truck, strap the truck down, get in the truck and drive. 

Ummm, anyway.  I just put in for the entire week of Thanksgiving off.  I have 2 floating holidays I must use by year's end or lose them and I have a lot of vacation hours.  I will only be using 2 days worth of vacation hours anyway.  I'll be last in line for any Christmas or New Year's time off, no biggies.  I hope to get at least a couple days off on one or the other.  That time of the year - the time between Christmas and New Year's - is usually the slowest time of year.  I decided I wanted to take some more time off sooner rather than later, pllus Christmas is a 3-day weekend and so is New Year's. 

Also, I haven't been able to attend a Black Friday store blowout event in years.  Not that I've really wanted to, but I'm gambling that this year will be some huge deals if what I've heard in the news has any thing close to reality or truth to it.  What would be cool?  A computer system on huge sale.  Something decent that can be upgraded.  That's what I will be looking for.  My savings account should be up to close to $300 by then. Perhaps my insurance money will come through and I can get something nice.  Who knows?  Almost guaranteed I'm going to get that week off which is only a month and a half away.

Umm, that's it.  This weekend?  Pump the rain water out of the big pond that is in the way of finished digging out the hole and see if I can motivate myself to finishing that project or at least getting it enough done to get the pond in the ground, get some water in it, get a filter on it and away we go!!




Mark - one of the trailer tenants - got brave yesterday and started pulled the shards of glass out of the busted windows. I didn't do it because that stuff is stuck in there - it has to be to be able to contain the argon gas between the panes. Well, you can't tell that 3 of those windows are missing panes now, the inner panes had no damage.

This was from Anthony and his rock-throwing escapade quite a while back now.

A couple of companies quoted me $75 PER WINDOW - JUST to remove the glass. Almost $250 per window to replace the glass and pump in fresh argon gas. Will I ever replace the panes? Not anytime soon is all I can say about that. I have a small savings account going right now, it's not being saved for that purpose. No, not at all.

It is being saved for one of 2 things, either a new computer or a handgun. It's at $160 right now. $300 for a "cheap" 9mm - but a computer? Well, $300 isn't really going to cut it for a good machine unless I'm buying someone's used machine off of Craigslist or something.

The best machine is one that you build yourself, that is tailored to what you use it for.

Anyway, I look at Craigslist daily for pond stuff. I really don't need anything, always looking for a pond that is shutting down. I can't believe the prices people want for Koi. I mean, they get that kind of money, it's just crazy that everyone thinks they are worth so much money. I'm estimating that my 6 Koi are worth around $500. I paid a total of $60 for them. I hope there are male and female in the mix and that they are feeling frisky, cause' I would far rather just grow my own and be done with it. There ARE a LOT of very small fish - fry - in both ponds that are established - I don't know if they are goldfish or Koi, only time will tell, and that, only if they survive the winter.

I do have heaters for the ponds now, btw, those that I got from the one pond that was being shut down.

Well, for once, I have a very busy day at work ahead of me and I must be offa here. I loaded the semi yesterday for a 7:00am delivery this morning, then downtown, then back to Queen Creek. Should consume the better part of the work day. Which is nice : )





Absolutely beautiful weather this morning. Just perfect.

Well, another pre-work mornin blasted by junk I was having to do on the internet. Oh well.

Have a great day!


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