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A Candid Discussion With My Son

I wanted to delve into all of this today with Caleb - my son.

How is school going?  How are you doing in JROTC?  What about work?  How are you dealing with this pretty-intense schedule? 

Oh, I did the same thing at his age I was working, going to school, getting into trouble and all  kinds of stuff. I got up early and went to bed late.  But, Caleb is his own person, I wanted to hear how it's all going, school is more important than a job - or is it?  No, I think they are both very important pre-cursors for living life as it's going to come at him. 

You and I know life isn't easy at times.  When you're young, it can seem like hell.  You learn over time how to deal with the things that come up against you, but - not everything of course.  Still, work is pretty much a baseline for most everyone.  Rich or poor, you have some kind of work you must do in order to receive your financial recompense. 

He says he's doing fine - his mother says his grades are good, he does…

Setting Up A PreFormed Pond

I've learned the hard way about some of this stuff concerning setting up pre-formed ponds.
I scoured the internet and could not find the information I needed.
It's ridiculous, really.  I mean, there are some well-meaning people giving out - bad - advice, but the
majority of the advice to be found is for a flexible pond liner with much larger ponds, NOT for smaller, pre-formed ponds.

So, here it is.  If you came here wondering about filtration and and pumps, which is what dominated my
searches on this topic for quite some time, then you have come to the right place.

I am, btw, no expert.  I had to spend the money on small pumps and attempting to build my own filter and this, that and the other thing until I finally "arrived".  I have it down, I  definitely do.  I have 5 ponds, 3 of them in use, the other two pending.  Actually, one of the 2 that I am not using I am actively building a rather
elaborate setup for.  It's about 300 gallons, which is small for pond…