Sunday, October 10, 2010


Kicked my butt.
That's what that pill did.
The doc gave me some pills and said they will probably make me drowsy. 
Drowsy?  These aren't sleeping pills but they might as well be! 
I took one 12 hours ago and I am still sleepy.
This was a half-dose on top of that - she said she was going to give me the
lowest dosage available at 5mils - which is half the normal dose "since you seem
to have adverse reaction to medication".
Indeed.  Allergic to pennicillin, flu shots and a host of other medications I have
tried for various reasons, one of the biggest for allergies.  I can't take ANY of it
without feeling worse than the symptoms the allergies are creating - hence, deal
with the allergies, not with the pills that give relief to the allergy symptoms.

Umm, so, I can't take this stuff, either.  I can't hardly think of going to work feeling like this. 
Drowsiness, however, is the only ill side effect of this stuff, I'm wondering if I cut one of
the pills in half if that would do the trick. 

Well, I'm hoping to "wake up"eventually cause' I got a LOT done on the pond-digging situation
yesterday and yes, that thing is sitting in the ground now.  I have to remove it again, yes, I need to get the ground level on the bottom and dig away at one side where the pond is still hitting up against the dirt.

If I could get a couple more good, solid hours into that project, that sucker will be in the ground. 

The way I'm feeling right now?  Ready to go  back to bed.  Even after a pot of coffee, this stuff is still dealing it to me.  I don't feel BAD, per se, just very sleepy. 

So, Caleb has entered the world of "payments".  Paying me, specifically, for the car insurance.  He makes X amount per week - not a huge sum but for a kid without any real bills, it IS good money.  He was going to hand over almost everything he had - $100 out of $130 in his pocket - but I decided to have a little mercy on him.  I took $50 so he could have some spending money.  This week coming up is "Fall Break", meaning no school for a week.  I didn't want to leave him with nothing, so, I didn't take all of it. He can pay me next week anyway.  I am just going to set that money aside for his portion of the car insurance every month.  

I'm just glad that a sizable bonus is coming my way - get me caught up on everything and still have a bit extra left over.  I'm not even sure after all my bills are paid out that there will BE much left over now that I'm looking at it.  This summer with high electric bills kicked my financial butt's butt - it takes a while to get caught back up.  That included slow pay tenants and one tenant moving out and having to find another.  Not a single person living here is "permanent" by any stretch of the imagination.  The Army reservist is going to get bills paid up and then get her own apartment - no date on that yet.  The newest guy just started a new job with Bank of America and is also going to save up for his own place.  The 3rd?  No move-out date or even stated, but, again,no-one is permanent.  The only thing I can hope for is that they aren't all moving out at once, as happened last year and left me scrambling. 

Well, that's it for now, I'm going to go lay back down for an hour or so and see if I can get past this.


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