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Tuesday 10/12/2010


Still a tad schmickens warm out there. In fact, it felt hot going home yesterday from work.

That did not, however, stop me from attempting to finish the pond project. That bugger is really being quite the pain in attempting to get it to sit in there just right. I had hoped to have it in it's final resting spot yesterday - no go.

Reading a lot of news this morning. Chilean miners about to be extracted; Clinton stating that our nation's debt poses a national security threat; the Bush tax cuts about to expire; Palin stating that Iran and nukes could lead to an Armageddon - on and on and on.

I wonder if all the Bush haters also hate his tax cuts? There is a calculator online that shows how much your taxes will increase if these cuts aren't extended. For me, a pretty significant chunk of change.

The news is interesting, but it can also be depressing - which is why I don't expose myself to a lot of it. It isn't worth the aggravation. I read it in the morning an…



President's Day. Our company does not observe such as a holiday that is worth shutting down over, so yes, I'm at work right now - before work starts of course.

The public school system, however, uses any excuse to get out of school and for my son, it's not just today off, it's the entire week!

Well, anyway, moving on. I called mother yesterday and yes, we got into it. I brought up the exchange I had recently with my middle brother and the fact that I absolutely refuse to spend another, single holiday with him after the barrage of vile remarks that came from him towards me. I would have thought he would have already called her about this situation.

He had not. We ran the gamut of a life full of things, not worth going into here, but a few key elements were brought out. First, that SHE had written us boys off some 25 years ago - disappeared for 2 years and then came back, crying, wanting back into our lives.

She didn't even remember doing that. She started ap…