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Bonus day.
Insurance company called on the theft - I get some money, not a whole lot. Better than nothing is all I could say to the insurance agent as the amount I am getting is enough to buy a used PS3, screw the Wii as I am not getting another one of those, the door in my bedroom is about $75 to replace and the gun was just a collector's piece.

Someone basically has a gun they cannot use, or if they do, it may blow up in their face. What they're giving me almost covers everything - almost, sort of. I mean, if I bought it all used instead of new, then yes, it comes close.

Oh well. One of those kids is now wanted for breaking into someone's car in my neighborhood on top of stealing that stuff from my house. That would be Darnell, the black kid down the street who, basically, needs a real attitude adjustment. I know just the thing to accomplish that - but - I would end up in jail since he's a minor and beating up a minor is hardly legal. No, instead, I will just watch…