Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Bonus day.
Insurance company called on the theft - I get some money, not a whole lot. Better than nothing is all I could say to the insurance agent as the amount I am getting is enough to buy a used PS3, screw the Wii as I am not getting another one of those, the door in my bedroom is about $75 to replace and the gun was just a collector's piece.

Someone basically has a gun they cannot use, or if they do, it may blow up in their face. What they're giving me almost covers everything - almost, sort of. I mean, if I bought it all used instead of new, then yes, it comes close.

Oh well. One of those kids is now wanted for breaking into someone's car in my neighborhood on top of stealing that stuff from my house. That would be Darnell, the black kid down the street who, basically, needs a real attitude adjustment. I know just the thing to accomplish that - but - I would end up in jail since he's a minor and beating up a minor is hardly legal. No, instead, I will just watch this situation play itself out.

He is obviously continuing his thieving ways and as is the case with most thieves, you eventually get caught. I do not, however, want to see him walking up and down my street, ever. Period. He has not done that, but if I catch him anywhere near my house, it's going to get ugly. I can't really DO anything, but I can unleash some "kind" verbage.

So, am I going to buy another PS3? Honestly? With the help of my son (he has a job), we have already replaced it with an older, used version that I found on Craigslist, cheap. When not in use, it is left in the trailer tenant's - trailer. One of them is always there, no chance of it getting stolen. I think if anything else gets stolen by those punk kids, a switch is going to flip inside of me and I am not going to care what the consequences are. We're already at 2 breakin's, the 3rd would be the charm.

Anyway, getting off of the subject because yes, it is not very pleasant or uplifting, I got that pond in the ground yesterday. I mean, I have it pretty much the way it needs to be. I am going to take it out one more time, level off the bottom a bit more, put the liner inside of it and start filling it with water. If it appears level, done deal. That will free me up to finish other things and also to start on that electrical outlet project. I'm going to get a separate breaker box, put at least 2 15 amp breakers in it, maybe 3 and have at least 9 outlets coming off of it. The line feeding it is coming off the AC unit - plenty big enough to handle whatever.
Oh, so what to do with that insurance money. Well, first there's the bonus money, but I think I'm going to put a couple hundred in savings and the rest can finish getting caught up on bills. The insurance money will not quite cover a new computer, at least not the one I'm looking at, but it will come close. My old dinosaur computer continues to drive me crazy, it shuts itself off in the middle of doing something, just bizarre behavior. It's telling me it's sinking and I better get something to replace it and soon.

Now, I don't HAVE to have a new one, but I do want one with at least 8 gigs of ram and minimum dual core
processor. Buying it used, obviously, would allow me to buy something much better as long as it's in good condition. Used as in no more than a couple of years old, not 12 years old like the thing I am currently using.

HOW that machine has lasted THAT long with as much use as it gets, who knows.

That's that. I have lots of things in the financial pot that I either want to do or need to take care of and it sometimes consumes my thinking to the point I am not even cognizant of where I am or what I am doing. But, I have been that way all of my life- getting so consumed with thought that you become totally unaware of what's going on around you.

I have, on numerous occasions, come out of those trances only to find myself staring, totally unintentionally, at someone and they - looking back at me with a rather odd expression. Yes, well I probably would react the same way, lol.

As for today's work, there is a slew of stuff to do in there. Yesterday was good for working, too - I was busy ALL day long running around all over the place in both the pickup truck and the semi. Today is all semi stuff. Plus I need to re-run the ads on Craigslist for the stuff my company wants me to sell off for them. One guy is considering buying ALL of it and if he does, I get a $250 "spiff" they are calling it.

Anyway, I have a few minutes left before work and I want to read about the miners getting freed, the race in California where an aid called the opposing candidate a whore and apparently the GOP is going to spend more money on ads than - ever. I mean, how MUCH money do these people HAVE for this stuff? And what kind of mud-slinging will we be subjected to? I find that stuff to be a turnoff, frankly, get elected on the basis of your own merits, history and accomplishments. Alright, there is a place where I can see if someone has done something so bad or - as imo Obama in writing off the majority of the American public in forcing through health care even though most of us said no to it - totally dissing the electorate, then yes, that should be brought up. However, if you follow this stuff at all, you don't NEED it brought up, it is quite fresh in your memory and probably isn't going onto a memory shelf anytime soon, or, at least, until the next Presidential campaign comes,goes and hopefully a totally new president in there.



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