Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday 10/14/2010


Anthony's mother calls me last night.

Was NOT expecting that one. She starts telling me how Anthony did not steal anything from my house - on and on and on. I reply I have him on video surveillance, a tenant witnessed him in there but forgot to tell here that one of his best friends also fingered him in the deal.

Anthony was with her, cussing in the back ground, calling me names and this and that. THAT portion of it was NOT unexpected. I was surprised, however, it his mother's calmness. She usually goes into a tantrum and starts cussing and getting mad. After I listened to all of this, I asked what the point of the phone call was.

Apparently they didn't want me calling the police. Too late and meaningless, the police aren't doing anything about this, I am getting an insurance check, that's it. There's nothing else to say. This conversation went back and forth for a while, I bid her well and got off of the phone. Contrary to rumors spread around the neighborhood, they are NOT living in an apartment somewhere, they are still homeless.

I can't possibly fathom the depths of earthly hell it must be to have THAT many people living in a hotel room. It's hard to understand how they are allowed to have that many people in there. The family itself is 10 people, but there are ALWAYS relatives and friends living with them.

Anyway, I just washed my hands of it, he is NOT coming back to my house, not that they said he wanted to, she wanted me to speak to Anthony. NOT. I could plainly hear him cussing me out in the background and calling me an idiot and other little lovelies, why on earth would I want to subject myself to that? No thanks.

Onto other things. I was going to start filling the big pond up with water yesterday, but I put that to a halt. This weekend I will do it. First I will put a little bit of fresh tap water in there and see if it's going to be level (or close enough anyway). If so, fill it up some more, to about the halfway point. When I get it there, it will be at the shelf point. The shelves are there for water plants.

If it still looks good, then I am going to pump the water from the other pond into it. It really isn't good, or so the experts proclaim, to be dumping fish into fresh water that isn't "aged". I dunno. I think that's for larger ponds where dumping additives into the water doesn't work because you would need too much of it. I have Pond Start which relieves shock and removes toxins or something like that. It's a small bottle but it doesn't take much with only 300 gallons.

I do hope this Reid/Angle debate is shown nationwide today, because I REALLY want to see this. It should be QUITE entertaining, especially if Reid makes another blunder - which he does frequently and regularly, like clockwork, in saying something racist, outrageous or just plain stupid. I have no interest in either one of them, I just think it will be wildly entertaining viewing. The polls show a dead heat and the unemployment rate in Las Vegas - where it's being held - is 14.4%. Give it another 5% and it's at Depression Era rates.

Meanwhile, the mortgage debacle continues to grow. Referring to procedural rules that apparently were ignored by those rubber-stamping foreclosures, pushing them through and forcing people out of their homes. Now, it appears, these people that were forced out have legitimate grief to be hacked out in the court system. This will get very interesting because of the ousted homeowners start winning these cases, WHAT is going to happen NEXT in all of this?

Nice to see all those miners got out alive and in relatively good condition. Shell shock coming out of that hole after 2 months of being stuck in it? Can't imagine. No wonder they have had psychologists and other experts helping them through the whole process.

Well, work day approaches. Nothing in the routing system to do, unfortunately, but, perhaps it will change - one can hope : )



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