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Much More Work Than Anticipated

The new pond, firing it up and getting it going, that is.

That's because I am going to have to move around all of my filters to make this feasible.  I have enough filters, yes, but - emptying them, cleaning them, moving them with the hose and pump - it'll be tomorrow by the time I have that finished as there is a lot of other things I want to get done around here as well.

Not sweating it, I'll get it done, just that my dad is coming over here on Tuesday and I want the place spic and span, including a fresh carpet cleaning. 

So, I finally did it.  I posted the notice. 
I was going to do it a month or more ago, I just thought I might be pushing it by doing so.
What notice?
Concerning the use of my washing machine and dryer.  I came home yesterday to find the water temp setting on hot wash AND hot RINSE.  TOTALLY unecessary, a HUGE waste of electricity in heating up more water, NOT going to continue to happen. 

The notice was basically this:  2 free loads per week, $1.50 …


Did you watch the Angle/Reid debate last night? I had forgotten about it, was flipping through channels when the light when on: Oh, YEAH, that should be on now! Sure enough, it was on CSPAN. I missed the first 25 minutes of it, yes, but the part I saw? Hilarious!! Love this stuff. From where I'm sitting, Angle blew Reid right out of the water.

But, my perspective may be skewed. After watching Reid and Pelosi on their high horses, ignoring American sentiment against the health care bill and them pushing it through anyway, I don't care if they both just get voted right out of politics - forever.

So, the end of the week, temps are supposed to start cooling back down again (we'll see about that one!). I have "high" plans to get that pond going this weekend. I wanted to wait until I had a full day to start on it in case I run into problems. I mean, getting home from work and having several hours of daylight left might be enough, but I just got this feeling that I be…