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Sunday 10/17/2010

Work started early this morning, and no, nothing on the ponds.  The living room carpet needed cleaned and definitely cleaned it.  That and the rest of the living room.  There is a love seat in there that is in great condition - but I haven't been able to sell OR trade it for anything.  I'm thinking of giving it away to get it out of here.  It is out of place and I can't envision ever finding a way to incorporate it. 

In reality, I need new carpet and at least one new recliner would be nice.  A pipe dream, perhaps, but it gives me reason to continue saving. 

I apparently forgot to pay the water bill last month (I could have sworn I did and I'm going to go looking through my checking account for such) and have been slammed with 2 months of a huge bill.  Bye bye to the bonus of it's true.  And, bye bye to any idea of getting a new computer.  Or not, who knows.  Tenants are pretty much paying regularly now so it is feasible that I can still get ahead enough to get so…